this isn't so much about me, this whole gua ship dilemma, it's about the shipment whom never arrived

your baby kanye west is mine

it's an attack on black emotions

scary people

ride or die bitches

and guns




she did the whole gua ship thing to a reason, it's to torture nike, and adidas a fuel before, gone, it was time to go after virgil, and swoosh, so she did that calculated. business decisino to ruin me as a brand, too, with virgil on board, to kill me hard, like you stupid fuck

i got out, i didn't go in, stupids

i'm the smart one, only one, i'm not a ape escapee, nor you, a hacker, it's different, i worked hard through psychological torment of the cia's un-kind, to torment myself into slavery, it's hard work and it's easy work, so works, if you hadn't become, i hadn't beguiled whom i could have seen, inspired and unsipired, i was kanye west, for that interim, sheila is she ila , whom worked against with to torment kim, and went that route, too, it's fucking scary, not funny, and complicated to you, for a reason, it's a long-scale decades long military seizure, please contact uk, jp, sa, eg, va, is, it's not fun, it is terrifying to me and kanye

about time magazine time reignited kim feud 2

-G.O.O.D. Music 2024

digital sodomy is a major crime especailly when appleid to public justice figures this attack is noted as a squadron attack, and you've taken down your whole unit, for this offense, adn for privileged documents, and it's an unapologetic attack, and I will not allow torture of me nor anyone, it is a rape attack, to attack Alana Haim, and it is a unified effort on behalf of your whole squadron, you are down

you are down

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