As the Jesus torture program concludes in Guantameno Bay, just kidding, all without any charges, narcissist, no you're not the narcissist, no thank, whom, siriously doesn't mean sirius radio, did Howard Stern get reversed the opposite way, to abuse, fake victim

It continues, under the same precept, as this is executive order to continue in plain sight, just kidding


I know that life matters, a lot and I've proven that my life will matter so many contributions that will last Eternally

They are mine, not yours, rapist America, and all my academic credit has been placed in Cambridge and Oxford, not your  shitty scary place, and therefore none of my work can be studied in America ever

I am looking into a ban of my internet stuff right now in the United States of America, as this is a terrorist organization and you will be stuck with social media Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and that's an order to ICANN later when it mattered (just in consummate terms), which extra-nationals can gain authority over, as EU Advertising Ban reflected preemptively

Also, my artwork any adaptation of it is not to be sold or studied in America or by Americans, and I anticipate many other artists will follow suit

just like anyone awarded similarly

and historically as I said Dr. Kay Jamison knows Vincent better than APA's "bipolar disorder" "transvestic fetishism"

Buried here, like your legacy; fuck you

there's a lot to say, right Annie Lennox?


Taylor Swift Matters

The most disgusting rapists are you, everyone, who clamor Taylor Swift Matters forever, and I do too, Taylor Swift, We Matter

Middle Eastern Lives Matter

The terrorists involved are employed directly the Governor of California, fabricating names of modern animals, children to abuse further.

As such, these terrorists, who control guns and drugs in California, are now considered a terrorist organization, and the results are true: the opposite.

To directly kill with racist taunts and murder threats, so recently

To take away all your modern animals, and have authority in that jurisidction, of how to treat The Most Innocent, Abortion, too

It is possible if true (meaning truly - in the further sense, consult with true literary experts, these are racists, modern animals), thus (to correct others: verbal violence that kind of thing) Lilit Pogosian is an official representative of the CIA Torture Program, with connections to APA and CVS Pharmacy, both corrupt organizations, spiritually bankrupt.

No authority to contact as it's too late and abuse suggest connecting with Ronan Farrow and the UK who have a phone line that doesn't forward FBI

disgusting CIA-abuse-rape innocent right now in one known torture site, no charges-Worst War Criminality-Potentially in World History

the rape of american gymnasts, my girls, is ongoing by the United States Government past and present, not victims but perpetrated always

stop abusing

persecuting Jesus literally right now in Guantemeno Bay

throwing stones and pelting

these are all innocent Middle-Easterners, with no charges, still there, literally, not in secret, an open stoning

doing it cowardly, too, in another country, without their American names, only disguises, hi Abdul; if you had to choose a life of persecution would you choose liberty or death, death of course, because liberty is not to be mocked nor faked, America's rapists celebrate,

persecuting who disgusting

There are terorrist organizations, crazy calling and enslaving

did you get that from web report readouts 

stop deflecting

and it's too late to take responsibility as it's ongoing

This is abuse and I will stay opposite to Satan

and don't blame Jerusalem the Holy Site you love so much disgusting this is your work don't blame-shift, the most spiritually bereft country in world history literally

don't blame China, don't blame Korea, North huh is not in United Nations, both are a lot nicer to you I'm a sympathizer to UN extra-national peace not aggressive racists so weird girls, they raped all the gymnasts and try to advantage to them further, don't watch us, rapists, you can figure this out stop blame-shiften for clout China doesn't mean shiny chink (a word I've heard before) and maybe not them, so scary and Kanye West, the nicest person to China in world history

Pedophile women can be so violent, FBI, can't they, as they've hidden data on famous female pedophiles (Redacted) scary word

don't look at those toys on the floor

Manic-Depressive Lives Matter

There is some contention that the term manic-depressive, which is an international health term, as defined by Dr. Kay Jamison, who studied the etymology extensively, was violently replaced "with bipolar disorder" by the United States Government, just to laugh at the person who knows what she heals, angels, not devils, you.

This is really disgusting, rape and torture of Dr. Kay Jamison, but I won't allow it, and her friend Dr. Goodwin, who was artificially maligned won't either.

Black Lives Matter Mattered and Matters

I am looking into how Killer Mike was treated where was headed and the overarching program(s)s involved, to kill poets, the Spiritual engineered by FBI-CIA-Similars who are against black lives matter. Black is a reference to emotionality, not the United States of Taylor Swift-Marilyn Manson, the worst country historically, a bad baby, like you, over there trying to corrupt me to be like you but it won't work; no one will be tricked the goal has succeeded so give your weirdness a break, psychopathic academic institutions, who I also have control over and investigative and judicial power over, as I've proven to be a real investigator, not a rapist (CIA)

Everyone agrees you all are horrifying scary af 

So much more to say, right Jidenna what happened to Ethiopia 

do you fabricate entire teams, through employers at FBI, fake attorneys to trap and racially torture, involving the UK weirdly torturing, right what happened to The Weakest Link why does the host talk differently, what are you doing to that lesbian