i try to link the book cover and it dont show up right it kinda like you wanna kill her if i put it up it'd be like she the one who got erased and you and yours the one doing that shit, to fuck us up, nope too much on her, ain't no cia meeting all bullshit she gon get paid for

who still protecting drake, taylor swift attorney tree paine, protecting marilyn manson's human trafficking 


whatchu mean disturbing the peace, nigger

whatchu mean disturbing the peace, you a nigger, drake, for this shit

ain no one like to fuck witch you fuck with dr west something wrong with you

taylor and you the mains, she the battery you the puncher

they make you think you soft huh nah they make you think they soft when they got the steel

sayin someone ain't something now ain't that something smokin out to hideously mock and caress new victims subjugating normality for the sake of a split back four nigga these niggas packin twos

you know what i mean when they stealin codes fakin to fuck stealin ain't theirs it's a retreat to them kinda niggas out here wildin stealin rapin to do so i ain't into treating two people one to mess people over

they hire people in everywhere in the stores on the beats in the papers phony play games so you can't talk