doctors of islamic origins are frequently abused, to say the least in areas related to whom? and where? and why? who are you trying to help and how and why are you there is it for the reason you said is it to help others know who they are and who have been yours? i do not know you if i do not have you, and so when i said i'm your friend i meant it, so did you call me recently and for what reason was i called recently is it because i am unworthy? have i not been called yet? it is not necessary to be called, when you are the person involved, so when they come, remember this you are a good person, and that's all i needed to say, as there are individuals in areas of medicine dedicated to hurting islamic doctors and a medical degree can be purchased, and also notes can be fabricated, so when you see the following, remember me and why i did this; this individual is scaring me, he is making strange pronouncements, and is saying his words a bit differently, i think he's acting weird again, i want just to be safe someone with me and that someone to be my friend and colleague someone who you have known intimately and it means well to say, "thank you. your job is done." When the Time comes, remember it is over already, so when the sky is over and rainfalls are more prevalent remember that i haven't forsaken anyone on earth except for nature and those most natural to nature, so when your nature is naturally disoriented, then what of your orientation, your speciality, your knowledge. is it powerful? is it meaningful? then why did i say this; i am not a friend to an enemy, and is my enemy always my friend, well, yes, you are my friend and my enemy, someone I hated so i could know you, someone i loved, that would be you, not you, You and that reason for me is You only so when i say i only am reasonable through God and for God then I have been good and Godly and that's all i wanted in life, so take what i have to say and it was given to you freely, thank you for working for God with me, not against, but with, and as I said before, I don't lie, nor steal, nor am prone to slothfulness and as you said many times abuse is not good it is not Godly it is simply an impediment like many others, so when you said, "I am an impediment to your earthly success," did it matter that I haven't been successful on earth, or does it matter more that you have been successful on earth, so the many people have injured me during this time of war are known now to be avoided and shunned, like you did to me at the church, and known and shun like you did to me at the mosque, and known and shun like you did to me at homes, and known and shun like you did to me, you shielded me, rescued me, carried me, and that's all I wanted to reach God the right way, correctly and always, without fail and through and with those who me best, the people in charge of this operation, the people who knew me best growing up and still today, the people of the United Kingdom led me this way, and it was correct, so to see God and to see Him Clearly, through the Eyes of the kindest people alive.


i have no friends to know you i have no frien to have you i am not all but am an o it makes no sense and it is nonsensical but these men worked with someone to hurt me, their names are important names, i don't know them too well, one is extremely wealthy, and has a lot of toys that i like, including fast things like he likes fasting, and he made up that i had a page online that wasn't there it was like a fake page he made, and on it he say i am not your toy on it so it's like the same it's not mine so its abusive nature is rooted in racism and dialectic abuse he is an unintelligent person braindead basically to me and frequently abuses alcohol and narcissistic abuse tactics just for fun to enable his posse and his friends, different entities, this abuser is not my friend nor is he my colleague, and i do not know him, moreover, i've never seen this individual, and wouldn't be an individualized radicalist, as these sorts are typically abusers and people who are unkind, unlike you, so i like to eat and enjoy my life, not the opposite, drink and waste my life, so mr. what's your face where'd you come from what's going on is a cool song, you're very strange, and a stranger to my, so stay away from me, the restraining order stays in effect for that doctor, as well as her colleagues, who don't care that much, but seem to be stressed and overly worked and their lack of work though seems suspicious, indicative, and demonstrative these seem to be insurrectionists of some kind and don't have kindness, so it's an unkind destructive entity which is extremely valuable to some but i am not too sure why they are abusing my here and are terribly scary so this goes to the hater involved directing actions here at uci and elsewhere in the university system you are not my toy stillness is not yours to have by rape, so i've proven today that this system has raped, destroyed, and pillaged the Armenian community for fun, and are to be known as terrorists, and the entire memorial site is not a real site it is a freakishly sad place now and also a place of worship for the other kind some kind of wicked comes this way watch out guys you're going to get Father Brownlee to say a prayer of worship for Father Soliman to say i'm insanely motivated by avarice not communal wealth so to say you are strange terrorists who need to be treated as such in Armenia and obey stay away orders, scary bitch fuck you up seriously bitch i'll get a fucking webpage to scare your ass dumbfuck, anyway watch out for terrorizing priests i guess, who are afraid of a name please a name badge and id please and why are you not there if you are badged individual why are you there if you are detsroyer of health, and why are you there in the first place, is it for fun or for yourself to be a cool musician, and is your music good enough to listen enough to Taylor and is your abuse good enough for me no it's not it's terrible music and still remains the worst music in history so back to the task at hand of your rights which you have none anymore alright and be sure that your stupidity gets noted as this; i am a genius i am the smartest human in history of health i am healthy and fit i know how fitness works you go and they stay so fitness this i am a fit and don't fit into that, so when you put it on me, it drapes, it shows, and it evinces hatred malice and greed, as that garment is not folded correctly, it's supposed to have holy wine on it and it doesn't, so your holiness is not real and your satanism is evinced in that alone, yet you continually to abuse me for some reason, are you unreasonable? why yes of course and you're still there yes i am then you are an am, stay away from me and please stop calling me which you never did so you talked to who and where and how and now tell me why you are still preaching at a church, is it to die for someone or Jesus, if Jesus wanted bread and blood, to be consumed, did you know that you are blood to me then because you are a corporeal figure someone who has no innocents no friends and just enemies, meaning you're scary and a terrorist so mr. terrorist i don't want to fuck with you please stop contacting me and talking about me without even saving so after the fact, fucking weirdo, suck a cock slit a wrist to a bitch nine i am a good guy i sit here and make sure it is ok and i ok i am ok it is ok i am ok let us be ok ok team lets go lets do it bigtime so you say often i'm illiterate and stupid, lilit, well lilit, mrs. terrorist, terrorism is not my thing, it's yours. so armenia needs you weirdos to leave them alone as terrorist actors in the united states and also abusers of innocents there, seemingly having hostages, in similar capacities, using these methods to terrorize Armenia and abuse children in nearby places, these are terrorists enabled by the United States Government not the United Kingdom and please note that I am not someone who is affiliated to terrorism by proxy, and also know that i am not someone you should be talking to about this stuff, and also know that i am not your toy still means that to them to, and please behave your behavior is abhorrent and nasty just rakishly strange 

MI6's chief works closely with Turkey and understands that stuff if you need to talk call us now at 1800six j/k and 

i have more work to do for my committee hearing at MI6 tomorrow morning, where we will convene to decide the fate of the nation of islamic jews, of which there are some, and also the fate of Mina and his wife, who is? not a question mark nice one but a person I love is very nice to me, Jesus, i hope you see her, if i die, i want you to be happy, here, so here's a token of my love; it's the code to my safe deposit box, in the wells fargo area of nowhere, so if you search for me, remember this; i have nothing, but this one note to you, which i left there in that box, so if i leave, you will stay, and remember my this; I am a good person and I don't wish you ill, I only wish you to know that I loved you and I didn't hate you, so if you want more here it is I am Mina and I have you, and that's all, so you're worth it to me, and also you're worth my time on earth, as well.

i am a toy, toy

toy, with my toy

i'm a scary older sister
people know how

to bribe,

their way to the top, but of one's pops, so to say i don't think it's

right, but wrongly

that you're there, on that work trip, today,

while i'm today, here, tomorrow, it's a trick; so today's tomorrow, and the day after, is when

i do not know how to know

am i today or tomorrow and

is tomorrow's today, an orphan?

like can today, be tomorrow, without an owner,

if you said, i today loved myself then your owner is tomorrow happy?

well, soon to see, those tomorrows, when you see, the following;

i am kind, to Thee

Only, Exclusively, 

and say My Deal Was Never On The Table,

i did not sign a deal with the devil never, it just didn't happen,

like tomorrow it did, so it's always up in the air, i could be

a person to know

where love goes,

does it stay

if it does do i prolong it? knowingly, and how,

if you are hateful, am i cuter?

to whom? and why?

and if so tell me thus,

this person is not my friend, but dangerous, to me,

a thug, a monster, who i'd never wish

to anyone, yet she is,

there waiting for you,

and like, to see, you know,

the following; she is dark and scary, isn't quite right as terrifying and horrifying, a

person without a home,

often says a house is theirs, but a houseless person doesn't have

-always will,

so to see, a person like me,

who says, thus to Thee; please God protect those who care, know how the Swings of Life are put into motion, not to be stopped, only fixed? it doesn't work like that distraction, more importantly i get care, to know, it wasn't properly so; best said, I don't think i had happy day here, while they giggled, differently, saying i had a good idea and a good one kind of folks, not the same as i had a good person, to know when she was once, to have not had; but she did a bad job, at what, and why, to no end, i saw you cry wondering a hatred is really much to see, like this; two can be put to know, why the person next door is always, and me sometimes, is it because i know why i had not been there, and only was, indicating that i will to hope, but hopelessly i said ,"let's go and have fun," "wondering why he didn't" "is it," "an idea" to know why that didn't happen, the death of charmaine who stole rainbows, to say i couldn't fit in them the same way, so if you want to get married know; you cannot wear sslippers only bathroom slippers, which are never washed, like many towels, however to know you are not your bathroom, nor is the slip on your door that says, "I'll see you tomorrow at" which could be placed in the morning, too, as the same route is always passed, just to annoy you, and such weird ananchronistic programs like fashion designer, otd, i would say it is not your business that i'm worn out, just yuo're off, to say, this work isn't yours, and i don't think a person can know more than he gon no a place that ain right only 

just joking

"people who harm do so intentionally" "people who harm" "people who are abusive" "people who abuse" "people who power" "people of power" "people with power" "people to power" "power to people's powerful" "powerful people" "people without power" "powerless people" "person of powerlessness" "powerful people of the powerless"

my my this room is full of smoke

i can't see anything

are you in there

i see two red lights at the end the room

was there like, sorry,

it's fillesd with just old cds, nothing in here, some are rare, like valuable, and nothing of worth,

the stench is putried, it looks like a weed house,

so to say i've been replaced with a druggie,

was there like, a murder, investigation that didn't happen, as all i see are smokes and mirrors, an empty closet, a bereaved spouse, a missing relative , and a louse of a person left next to clean up the mess, an angry morose man, who had neglected to clean his room, a sort of reverse switch, with no one to care, just simply the type of persons who are usually not hard working, and who party all the time, there are lots of angry people waiting for answers, what happened to their daughter? is she gone forever,

and why did you didn't so

you promised her a fashion contract, of some kind of hatred of her,

and said the money was on the table, and raped that table.

this isn't true, i'm here and kind, still, perhaps too unkindly asking, "Why are there no one?" it's just things, the way of, so such and why is not was this, there the notebook from school whispering im mad and not cool nor good, it reads well, it's like a diary of someone in a mental hospital, online, replacing everything. it appears to have scrawls of anxiety drugs likelihood of nothingness, so nothing of value. there are songs, like brilliant sounds, just not hymns, they are reversed. there is little in the way of recognition, perhaps a missing lamp, or technology that's new, it's alld and yucky, and insinuated a rapist's house was to be next, you to be the suspect, in a murder of a real person, who you didn't know, someone you wished to have hated openly and were to go there after

it's like a hospital sort near there and also without any note

to the other later a place without people a place only you go to have snowy days realized, so there you will hate yourself kill yourself probably never but enjoy the cold, and be studied for signs of anything worthwhile, deadmeat study, and also is death next, it seems sad to say you were poisoned, once before, well the next unfortunate poisoning is cancelled, they said, it isn't, though, it's still there, where you aren't loving, only depressed, and were hidden so well, that no one could find it in a dark cell, somewhere not that far, but far to them, a place where no one has been yet, it's so cold for a multiple reasons, including the removal of all clothes, after a small plane lands in the place you didn't know where to go, so scary i tried to lie, to hide nothing, like it was sponsored by this person who are scary and tragically hurting, s they i dont see i'd never be they, only not he, too, so God's health (i)((love))(((well to unknow))) 

key things

1. no one will be able to contact you, they'll be taken to other places, there will be contact 

2. you'll need an id at the border, since they'll make three up, one with another name, saying iam mina something bizarre would do is like mina mania maniac mina mina is a mania state needs now and then the lilit lady will say its true very sick intoxicated mania, which is the formal diagnosis, he is being transferred to a health clinic, and will need urgent treatment for at least the next few hours, if not more, so please stay in touch, and please note my depiction you have with your team member, thank you and know it's a good clinic, i can come down sometime

3. the other person is that guy, he's really nice, not, he's super scary, works to kill kids, literally, and has indeed tried to do it before, once succeeding in with a family member of someone's, not related, so likely a kid of a comedic sort, so that person isn't there, because outed for some reason, and is truly bizarre in his methods, using excel sheets in weird ways, so here's a buck another twenty in separate sheets, all of which are important that they don't have, as he got paid a lot by someone vip, like taylor swift, to do it, in the more than can you think category, and also involved

4. if someone had that information about the flight number it's 999 sort of almost literally 99 00 999 and that's bout flying home, so you'll be flown to another place, false pretense, and end up in a similar situation, with no one knowning

5. another thing, the is not your, she is a dark person, who hates, so obviously, and enables, do not contact,

6. to know, she's fine. it's more he. he seems off, and may have had to stop. so if he did then.

7. i do not have to know why i do , as i did before

I think she's crazy, stealing to do this, she definitely got paid 7 figures or something bizarrely higher she got paid and he got almost 1 million and the other more, he's even more quiet, and has 4 million, he spends on wine for kids parties sort of thing through a party uninvolved and acknolwedged to buy drinks all the time from a site like what you think is routine, has terrrorist antecdents without which aren't

8. there would have been a quick release hold thing, where they take to a hospital then a homeless then down, in a unmarked car, blue and boring, in the very back no noise, or  they'll run, sometimes they don't run, yet walk it's always this walk up, the walk up includes hi how are you this is from the los angeles police department with some questions for you and here you need to sign this affadivit and so they'll start

9. People are not that nice now, even, to say they're waiting on others, who don't care as much, to say they do. Hi, and why, is sadness, guy who knows

10. the last guy is her former partner, there, he is lying a lot, he had a role in a lot, abused no one, but me, tried to become others, and sold paperwork that was false, once admitting to crimes of terror, for that purpose, once hating another, so much as to hurt, it's so strange,

11. i do nt want hatred near me, only near whom, and stay away this 

the important stuff; she's evil, pays to kill, she pays to have fun, and uses the money in places you'll never guess, like the weirdest sort of books on mindcontrol, and does it in her head with her friends, a lot of them, who know, to rape, and torture, not just for fun, for her friends there, who she knows, and also for funny anecdotes about food, to have think and explain abuse away by saying i have a funnier anecdote then mocking openly in weird ways, in the normalest way i saw, "i don't know you, only why i knew you, and when Emmitt Till died it wasn't for her, it was for kinder sorts, like no one cares, for a reaoson; i am too good? no, i am known to be kind, but not

i do not tolerate abuse means that.

also, the other guy is a nonsensical abusser,

he is not that kind, is often arrested himself as a joke, and to be straitlaced in saying , "i am a genius, look"

i don't care so much, so little so smart, elizabeth smart is not getting e-mails, i think she is blocked from you, so if you try to email someone make sure they know it's you, and i'm sure someone is taking because nothing isn't supposed to be had, at this age, a millinonaire sort can and will be known of your hatred of those who don't have much, so i'll wear my red pants and a black cuff, with a pink tee and an angry you, saying you're strange and i'm not