case no please

this is called torture because they didnt tell me theyre fake charges

and they also started a case that didnt exist and it was really hard to get out of it qnd they also charged with murder i guess but it wasnt told about me and i think that it was fake and they made me crazy because of it, the fake charges were never dropped officially and are still on record at the fbi, i was told that i cant use gun in anyway stylistically, but i didnt say gun like that, and i also had an affair that didnt exist with nike, and i never emailed tinker, this was really scary, i hope the charges are cleared, its been maybe twenty years since uci when they said inwas raping somebody and they also said i had an adfair with three women i dont know and i was a threat to them i also dont like that changed my e-mail address or something, and this cia torturer really bad like she abused me and my dad, she lied a lot, i really dont want a gun, it was a lie

i dont like doing this stuff, and now im exhausted i guess that was their aim

i have a lot of friends

i miss them

one was really cool his name was jack

i dont see them anymore

i miss them a lot

if you could do me a favor and tell cvs i dont know evan rachel wood

im just bored

if anyone wants to talk im here

my email doesnt work though

i phoned cair and i got directed for a civil rights line but it was an emergency

if you need help call cvt theyre good

anyway just passing time

anyone remember that song from ace of base not az yet ace of base ill put it up

if someone has recommendations im here

i really like the one about the person in the person haha

anyway if you know a song or recommendation letter for a song

i think the person is onto it, so it's hard 

the person in the neighborhood

is always

so i don't

it's the same, but not different, i'm indifferent

so it's the difference of indifference

and the center is always off

so it's like really off now

don't try you'll go

a person doesn't really know, and i tried, they don't really answer not one, so if you want, i think the two is three and they're really sad too it's hard the guard is always there, i didn't do anything, i told her about their crimes, it wasn't, i swear, i didn't care so they went, it's not my fault, i had to, hopefully not embarssing the community all always

so they say a() is a person i don't know a person haha and the person is impersonal the mistake i think is like then i would've said i don't know and i don't like it

it's not the old-world one, i'm not there, a bit of hatred

that's all

so it's new and tiring so many abuses and abusers 

hell come too is wrong i dont own to tell time remember that

the person who hates is a per ah 2

that was overwhelming response from cvt a group of people i really like and they'll help you feel better its okay the school is fine its about youre understanding its not my fault they were lying its a person government theyll say its them all they don't like disgusting disgusting i didn't know that theyre back is g


talking: 9, hate, love

hate love, of talking

to free time: hate now, 03 dark spaces, and not known

to feeding: three, space 2 and also a nti

to abuse: two, three to stop 00 0i

drugs: 0- ,   9 before: 00000 and 00000 so 9 of them he

scaries: 0 and 2

threat jury assessment?: u p o  8^

feel: o p o o o o before: 2 o o -^ (NOT 3) never 3 just .- (so 3 less, never again ah)

laughing: 000

sex: 0004 so +4 ,3 is to

fake sex: 005

fake friend: 6

fake money: 000

fake job with no money: 01


33 (00) es al

the real torture now: 000

now that's scary: 000+

and the real: (combined) 0-0-0 and the pain 0-0 and the artificiality +1

and it's so scary : like fear 0-0

and the horror: and 0

and the hard work: 0-0-0- so 0 0 0 of them 0- and never 0 so 0 only and 0

it's humiliating (like 000) : l even, so 00, 00 00 and 00

the other money not important: 0 0 0 so 3 of them (:

anyway: it's 0 0 0 , and 000, and 000, all the time

morning: 00

death: 00

it's mock death night, and morning birth, so scary: 00, and 00, and 000, so 00, and 000 and

right now: a 1-2, because i guess cvt got in contact! that deserves an emojicode smiley if i can 9 of 00 {it}{{dark}}{{{three now, 3}}}

pain: 00

hope: 0

further: 00, not ? just that

work: 1 (i mean it, i'm so proud, sorry al e p a ii)

I think they want like a poem to describe al p:

al two a three

al two a three

al two a three

to a see

a be

a be

to see

a be

a be

three nope

a be

a la seee

do a dee

and currently, a do a dee al two a three to see o wait sorry ap ar ap ap al at 

history: al three al p al see al b al three al b al de al B a see a be a (3) a two a three a see to see a be a b to a three a le a be a see a three a two a three an a b a two a b a c a c a three a b a c a three a two a c a a a boring a be a m a see a three so be a proud a be two c a thgree a lot like a be and a three if you could be so kind