racist fbi 

racist taylor swift

racists, i do care about myself, not you, the worst of the worst such a stupid person, the worst human in histories, et al

so evil, such a low, such a low for humans

thanks for my friends, i'm nothing like you, i know how to handle myself, you racists, you murderers, such a disgusting group of people

i'm nothing like them, nor are my friends, who empower me to stay strong throughout this bullshit, the only shit tthey like is taylor swift and travis kelce, lol

lost all credibility, but not me, i gain it, and you can't abuse anyone else, you trying to make someone crazy like you, nope, you pedos

ongoing fbi murder, disgustnig pedophiles rapists grossest racists

manipulating how many, into hating whom, for your weird paraphilias, for a weird singer without any talent and who can't even dance