Marilyn Manson (54 Years Old) ("Brian") and Johnny Depp (Sixty • 60 Years Old) ("John Depp") are two crazy old people in a senior home.

i'll stay away from you, because you've rejected the truth, and we are not participating in suicide prevention programs anymore, and we've decided to stop working completely with violent USA, and are considering moving abroad, and I know this for a certainty, and I will make sure we move soon, hi MI6!

america is ruined, decimated, and out of step with the truth

a racist white supremacist rapist will soon become president, as a reflection of its moral decay, and I curse everyone who hurt us, so you are not invited in this movement, so stay away from us,  my work is banned in america, not yours

or a mentally decayed man who is supporting racist violence, and is scary, just like Taylor Swift, who is disavowed from health, as her friend Selena Gomez and her doctor (formal rebuke coming hot and heavy, reflecting our fire)