this is my work; i think you'll not like it

except for those who helped and who I've helped, MI6 and MI5

this is treated as Property of the United Kingdom 

abuse has been noted all material is copyrighted with British Parliament and Noble Prize Committee (what does that mean? it means mina sargious mina samir sargious mina arab sargious mina schizophrenic sargious mina sargious for other and myself

i would never work for any you you are disgusting to me the most decrepit singers and actors and I don't give a damn

you look so low and stupid

i don't give a damn how young you are how female you are how victimized you think you are you are not innocent you are tainted by your life's decisions

nice masks (touched on in the preamble to the third addendum)

cvs/pharmacy cvsheartpharmacy are the worst corporations involved as rapists (localized buyouts?)

violent torturers like ron desaintis and gavin newsom (i don't know you, sirs) scary racists