you abused me made me really sad and tried to get away with it, to make me sadder, even when you knew who i was like when ever you wanted to hurt me sexual assaulters with psychological tactics (new thing they're working on) and doing it to that second, racially torturing, abusing with guns and  destruction, and all the while i'm changing the world and show who i was and will be the fakes they angry and crazy cause they abused by their other forced to, ain work like that still lying still abusing still tricking like ain no one answer me, only the prayers I made to God, seeing my dreams coming true, protected by the Royal folks the women dreamed they could marry and men wish they had the respect of, they playin with? i am the one doing the hard stuff the one who deserved it all, but you say oh its just one person fucking with you, "and me too" perfect victim USA? i will not be a victim stop using these new rape tactics you've worked on me for so long, then blame-shift, i'm a superhero