War is not mine to be not had without suffering and elation!

Travis Kelce was hired by Pfizer for no purpose but to work to harm me directly as a speaker against Pfizer and with Taylor Swift and her abuse to do so and to coverup their tracksi nvolving trafficking of me to a black site with Taylor Swift's staff working with her to do so with the NFL and the FBI and CIA together. For the purpose, of hatred and monarchy of patriarchy it's a weird disgusting program I discovered and one of the worst in history and made everyone believe COVID-19 is-was a real crisis and worked directly with CVS Pharamcy and Lilit Pogosian MD and the government to kill me with Travis Kelce, an abuser, whom espouses racist ideals and has a history of dometic abuse to harm me and all individuals suffering from abusers like Taylor Swift, whom had a huge role in that, just to kill with the most abusive person alive and his enablers and enlabed; Salt Pit is a real place, where people go for no reason and this place is called "FBI Dark Site," and is not nearby, and they were going to take my whole family, for no reason; however, to hide their abuse, they went to unbelievable lengths to torture me and ask, "why?" "how?" "how come?" and "why are you there" this was a setup of a massive kind involving a realtor, video eavesdropping, rape, torture, Taylor Swfit, her attorneys, the FBI, her staff working with the CIA, and aggressive men, whom abuse other(s)s the person you loved the most was being abused the most at Irvine, with the police there working with these corporations and hiding their history of human trafficking at University of California, particularly the falsely charged Irvine 11 and me, whom was stalked and abused by their staff and threateend with legal action that was nonexistent, with an individual whom is Middle-Eastern sex trafficked into a dark site of no one's knowledge and replaced with another person, through a narcissistic abuse program, where indviiduals are trained to appear as me and her, the opposite sorts, and insitgated a world war, involving a fake entity to ensue damage and torture, to hide their tortures of others, with Taylor Swift at the helm of a fake art program, with all individuals talking me and torturing me, this is an individual doing this for everyone, I am a genius, and not slow, so to speak, and I am the one finding hostages like Selena Gomez and the HAIM sister, whom they trafficked after, to appear as it was a serial killer, and with her, the real Taylor Swift, I told them about, and she knew about, to harm me directly and call me crazy, as they still do, and not responding to United Nations inquiries, nor my sponsor, the United Kingdom and Japan, and every other single nation inthe world, this is a corrupt nation, that isn't corrupted, that was born corrupted and involves trafficking regularly of important social justice activists from before and as time went on, every person in the FBI and CIA are the same. This isn't a sudden endeavour, it is a long-winded, hard-won effort against psychiatry, by one individual being raped and tortured the whole time, not literally, but in the manner of psychological abuse and torture at a time of 9/11/01, involving the person you hated the most, my uncle, was murdered at a grocery mart to feel emotions and get high, this is the worst country alive, and I don't have empathy, except for human trafficking victims, and thier abusers are to burn in hell, and that's all of you Americans, shame on you, that is not Donna Kelce, that is a British Spy working with MI5 and GCHQ and me, not your friend, it is over, I am not into this, and I am not crazy, after all. Enjoy your videos and pictures, you stupid niggers and stupid sluts. This is MINA, call me that. For legal references, contact Kraft-Engel.