Ahem, when someone answers correctly, not emotionally even, I think that the proper, dignified way to do this is to say, hello young caricaturist, pensive, scary. Moreover(,) 

dear must, you have to stop. you will not know how evil u

Disordered individuals do not dick around, but your mother did, and your fatherly ambitions have failed, so, moreover, Godliness

 Your lack of propriety is inane, as is your fantasy of revenge,

you are not autistic, you have Aspergers, remember,

you are weird, scary, a natural soporific, a dangerous thing, a disturbed individual, a psychopath, a danger to world mental health, a physically abusive person, a psychopathic-trait-haver since destroying your first victim, a girl of a young age, a perverted thing, a disturbed one, a man who hates you and you just for fun sometimes, a predator, (unpopular • Satanist)

You fool, you are not to talk to me, you are scared, because you are scary, a fool, a dummy, a robot, a killer of the artistic, a man who dreams to be someone else than Pete Davidson, a dangerous little boy, an abuser of freedom to trap people inside of cages, a person who really thinks Proper LBC sells Bowties, and that Bowtie Pasta is elegant, but not Fettucini, and that Mussolini is more artistic than Bernini.

You are a dangerous person, a killer, a monster in disguise, as well, and someone who hates indiscriminately, a perverted thinker, a dangerous person who lacks hopes and kills dreamers, and has done so before. You are scary, sir, and you'll need to report to the principal's office to report those beatings, strange creature(s), a dangerous thing who lacks any real traits and won't reality-test, because he thinks the only good reality show is Barefoot Contessa, more than evil, but cannot conquer God

Godly people don't toy with humans, but they can have fun, so please don't suggest that everyone is as evil as you are, that your heart is pure, because it isn't, and please know that hurting me isn't a good idea, it's something scary, a move that is designed to make people miserable, and please note that misery is not a song by Mick Jagger, but Mr. Adam Levine, a staple in Las Vegas for a reason, you unjudicious liar, you lover of animal torture, you scary man, you abuser, you liar, you fool, you clown, you unfortunate thing, you make-believer, you stealer, you killer, you runner-away-from-er, you scary man, you are not worthy of our time as humans, nor mine as a man, boy, girl, uninteresting thing, madman, lover of hatred, morose, stealer of passion(s), and a person who isn't affiliated with anything nor anyone significant, a person who hates for no reason, a man without a home, a home without a man, and a man who tries to sell you homes for fun, but all are small and make you look too big, too intimidating, and allow you to abuse without others noticing, a madperson's dream is to hurt people, not help, and you've hurt the children, elderly, the middle-aged, the sick, the hopeful, the dreamers, those who want to be Spiritual instead, so? Do you care, Must, unsolid? Have you, off-putting, Scary, Dangerous, Lie-teller, Evil, not Godly, unlike me, Godly

You are scary, and need to know that I am not scared, and I say this because I'm good, and try to be, which is my objective, as described so often that it's solidified

Mr. Must, that means that Dickies does indeed collaborate with Urban Outfitters and does sell to fat, short, tall, ugly, pretty, blonde, brunette, redheads, dwarves

If you recall, people who hurt others aren't blessed, but are stressed,

Sweet people do not try to sour others, as you are, you false prophet, you lover of anarchy, you hater of freedom, you subjugative monster, you thing! I hope you learn that hatred (is something that you have to avoid, and love is what you're after; Perfect love this isn't, though, as it must constantly be improved.

If someone destroys, you must recreate, not just create; Creativity is rooted in differences, so don't say that strength is derived from yourself, it isn't, a strength is drawn from Puritannical beliefs, moralities, not blind appeasement to your mother, not father for some reason, lack of passion, initiative, and interests in anything but your narcissism, scary