Howard Stern is not a good person and is a torturer for the government and always has tortured, with his friend also to have tortured others he works exclusively for the government of the United States of America and also to hurt certain groups with violent tones and racist innuendos and racist language he is a disgusting person who has a history of rape and sodomy and also racial torture and may have had a few encounters with others that he doesn't discuss and also worked hard to hurt me individually as a representative of the government and has hurt many others over the years using the same tricks but in more vulgar fashions insinuating he's crazy he's nuts look at him what's going on now i hope he's okay is he over there where is he now oh i'm so stressed howard stern did not get food poisoning from fish that article was planted and supported to hurt the mental health community and a treatment i used for mental health and also with many others to laugh to have fun to feel good exactly like taylor makes others feel and to torture to mock to feel emotionality as he works with a biomedical researcher and i think that individual is being used to torture me to mock Omega-3s as mood stabilizers to say fish is scary that mercury kills don't eat too much fish and also don't tell others to eat a lot of fish and also mercury poisoning is a very rare condition probably one of the rarest and such a condition doesn't make sense as all mercury is not there to be had it is mercury which helps others understand and learn, so it's not poisonous, so this was an attempt to undermine my discovery and take it for his own, the united states government is bound to unhealthy treamtents and will stay as such, treated for its own treated for narcissism and not bipolar disorder nor cyclothymia and also know that i am not a stupid person your rapes were calculated to end yourselves youre going to hell and youre going to give me everything and your holy name isn't holy it's unholy to me and unholy matrimony is the name of the game now and when you harmed me did you mean to or and to harm others harming is obviously the name to know what it isn't harming itself those individuals work hard to hurt others and also to destroy to feel to want and to belong falsely there is always a treatment for bipolar disorder that i had that they tried to torture me for


you said you'd die for me so you're going to get killed for this ugly family of niggers and sluts ain't no laws for them pussies then bleed it for whom and where were you at you said had said

torture the torturer better name for it you embarassing fucks and he hurt yours made them cry with tissues asking for help at the airport in another language they don't know

make sure I don't get warned again not to go  to online campus and your kids aren't scared to go how manly and womanly you are like they are and make sure virgil ain't afraid to fuck shannon and also you're a fucking conartist bitch trick with a fat cock upside down cock twist with a four blaze to a three i to a 3 to who you ain't pussies you aint scared of no threatening actions you bitches

The United States Government uses tools like Taylor Swift to enable satanism of children and used Howard Stern just the same way, so once you listen you're ensnared and a slave to satanism, these are the worst figures in history, marilyn manson a puppet, and they are all disgustingly oriented to destroying the world, and SiriusXM is a scam anyway stolen from another company and with false contracts and also disturbingly boring computer-oriented and a dead company anyway, so it is not having an international effect and is a treated as a terrorist entity, and there is no forgiveness for your behaviors everyone has choices i chose the right way for myself and my girls and boyz fuck you america disgusting asses go listen to your disgusting selves elsewhere and stop being geniuses fucking cunts no one listens to sirius anyway it was meant to fuck up fm radio and destroy am radio which it did and now everyone can't listen to cd's/mp3s in the car because they want people to go crazy interchanging between the two until you go insane for pining for satanism, it's disgusting fuck you disgusting asses howard stern was literally used as a torture device at certain grey sites and also the red sites which aren't mentioned still extant considering your prop machine guapo is still open fucking scaries take your money-hungry assses to africa you fucking fakes and tell robin to make a fucking story that's real this time fucking maskwearing rapist the want to take it theyre threatened Shannon abloh is scared of Virgil

Psychosis induction at war is not a good decision nor enabling those who do have military powers, and/or governmental

you are racists horrible parents and disgusting pedophiles not literally anymore just disgustingly to feel good

it's a new form of pedophilia common in racist cultures and also with every anti spiritual sort

your church is failed your government is failed a few stand including the one i represent, united kingdom, don't try assaulting a military figure it doesn't sexual assault in the military its sexual assault of the military commander and as such i don't love you and want the worst for you you disgust me you're all plagiarists and that bitch at the top she's going to say there this is the opposite of your work in america so you're stick with that bitch forever this is not about me being an american this is work of america that i stopped alone aided by mi6 literally and also to tell you that you have violated right of mine using racist tactics and i wish to hell all of you

you stupid parents you stupid children you fucking predators you're going to hell shame on you raising yourself poorly and raising them so they can be taylor swift's swifties forever, i don't fuck with rapists i'm the hardest soul ever to have lived and the smartest and best and also good-looking fuck you you racist cunts it don't mean shit to me but a country a religion and all you fuckups combined

apple watch banned

apple antitrust

do you like apple

me too

me three

and me four

and me i would say five to six doesnt mean seven days a week

apple is a good company

seems environmentally conscious

friendly with your disgusting glueloving kids

and i say that id had them now their enemies as they are the worst historically

geniuses they arent know they arent to be

well i had told them truly

they hatefully hated so wholly and wanted to be a desire

of others so had to have staged what didnt to have and wanted to so our sordidness has a long way to go a taylor swifty legal mind would say plagiaristic reductionism and repetitiveness is anarachy and rebellion and taking by force and rape as was such the case historically

murder to have when it couldnt be happy nor accepting of others so to know and why i said it didnt and apple didnt hurt you so you didnt have to hurt for serpentine reasons isnt to say you are the person i dismay but so sneaky and attitudes are always the fall of others to advantage self fully and selfishly without

aplomb id say that your hatred and stupidity are common traits legally however this particular brand of psychotic induction shit it isnt cool and as such had to handle apples legal for you

the kicker is you started these lawsuits its the ted sorts i told you (about) had a feeling and a want so to have it all that this sort had a feeling this is great to want to feel through rape and as the truthful and false nature of both prove false and ive discussed openly why this sort of hatred isnt to have yours which isnt loving and your oddness as a whole will have stopped as the corruption of the top of souls isnt yours to know and ive proven the monstrosity as to sew gods seeds as such that hatred isnt your province right its entirely kiddy thing when you say you hated whom and why you arent to be near nor have a person which who should and was so i be cool i be gangsta and to say you arent kind is to say the least of most of all i cannot understand the violence often i ponder why it is so that hatred doesnt become of love and its because of your stupidity

such as

if a girl visits a boy and the boy says lets listen to taylor swifty and she goes no i dont do that she says i karmatic you into listening to he not she so the obvious effect is thus i had a good person to know what shouldnt and i did so now i and you are to play in a pit of mud without a kindness of hate to see you wanted to hate me so thats karmatic to you and who you arent to see gross af stay away from to know what you is your hatred to know why you arent the nor why and who are you with and why are you there and are you with somebody and is she and why didnt you say so and why is she not knowing and why did you have fun to say i didnt but had to wonder why you arent whom and why and how with and for she was they at to know why i had a person to know your boy is who now show me his picture of where is she right now call her just get him on the phone now she needs they to have had your stupidity isnt colored emotionally