hi-tech abuse (technological abuse, by Snapple's Music Department, that hates ~ weirdo(aggressive, plagiarist. Replace Jin with MC jin, but you won't ever, you love money in shady ways (and you've proven that you're corrpt, you're Apple Shoping Store is terrible, it looks like it was made for abuse, and it's basically a Samsung phone with Apple OS (which should be open) and bubbles should be changed?

All threats against Taylor Swift and her friends are hereby nullified.


you are seriously 

Angry Corps, angry investor in bad ideas (inane investments) abuser! taylor swift, you are not allowed to be sponsored by ANYONE. harboring a criminal is a crime. so your contracts, your deals are meaningless, Devil(s)

you are going to HELL

turn the other cheek and i get slapped

Taylor Swift is pushing that enter button. Not those Swifties. She pushes it like no tomorrow. She sees it and pushes it HARD

11 Felony Counts (Eleven - 11 Felony Counts - For One Message On Twitter Blue, bird) 

watching someone die? not helping? makes you the murderer (as described further further furth

these not "those yes, because it was to people who entered hospital 

How about this? I'd like to report a BOMB THREAT by a DOMESTIC TERRORIST, that person was never arrested. Ask the Radio DJ, who we know to be innocent, but the thing is, she could have prevented that threat, made it happen, and allowed others to happen after. Had Taylor alison been jailed, this bomb threat wouldn't haven't happened; if Kanye West said something about stopping BOMBs it could have been less Terrorizing

CIA Report If the FBI does not do the JUST 

See Something, Say Something. Allow a sin? Commit it? You're going to Hell, if you do, Godly! Lying to the "FBI" is a federal offense.

Aiding and abetting a series of hate crimes and violent offenses is a federal offense. When Taylor alison ignored Scooter's order to stop requesting threats, as she was the one responsible, like a leader ordering an attack, she REFUSED; she made all of these threats, not just by proxy, but COMMANDED them. This isn't a stretch. Bomb threats? So many. Death threats? So many. She never stopped; her one attempt was a mangled thing at a show about a song about one person that was offended by the song beforehands. Get her arrested, no trial needed; A 10-year=old was imprisoned for a silly Google Image, and her? Her bodyguards have made VIOLENT THREAT(s); like any threat, they are not excusable. If a 10-year-old is imprisoned, they need to be too. Threats to life carry an automatic prison sentence. If a person pretends to be "FBI," they need to arrested. No one is allowed to contact a psychiatrist a priori, without a person's knowledge, and a spiritual leader, and lead people into thinking someone is someone else, like Taylor alison and her bodyguard. These are people who scare people into compliance with weapons, unlike the 10-year-old with a Google Image. She isn't directly responsible for or responsible for anyone else, she MADE THREATS that were CARRIED OUT. It isn't questionable. Not fiction, no scapegoating, but nothing was addressed, just affirmed. Automatic arrest. As noted, it carries White Nationalist undertones, so it's more violent than a 10-year-old boy, and her music is heard in Florida. She's silenced a critic, so she needs to be silenced, and that was an enlightening commentary meant to stop white nationalism, not increase it - she proved she didn't want it addressed (it was on CBS, she is not aloof: she is informed, so increases, and it has increased, not waned. it wasn't one news story that was duplicated, several outlets reported on it, though she knew). Silence this unforgiving person, like the good ones are (still in jail, still getting ill, still being treated immorally. no case is necessary: just arrest, no immediate release, just arrest. do it for oppression's sake, the ones she's oppressed, the homeless person, who eats from the trash bin? who wasn't even near her? who she didn't know about? who he didn't threaten. for the sake of DOCTOR CORNEL WEST not being shunned and spit on, and making MLK's son cry in His



you are a scary person, a liar, a deceiver, a backstabber, an untrustworthy thing (not even a curse word), just a completely evil thing, who needs to be arrested. see to it! she is a liar, an abuser, and very very scary, and manipulates everyone, not you tho (because you can make a difference, but you cause pains, instead, for $