I don't hate you enough

maybe yet more

because I dont talk and I ain't a gng bngr, it's different, for me, I don't fuck with the internet doesn't mean, fuck you

and I don't mean my anger, I really do

I'll break your neck, and your wife's back, it isn't my backache, today, I'm going to tear cartilage and paperwork, I don't have paper to shred, only a nigga to fuck a bitch told a slut

I don't slut a nigga, for that really, I would do a lot and that, means

I'm scary, I don't fuck scaries, only into pieces, that I fall, to, know you, t o o, I wouldn't k n o w you and yours si I see you and me, and know myself and yourself {it's not and is}{{it isn't}}{{{and to know ain't to believe}}}

black life don't matter to me, really, only you, I would know you worse than a bitches and a stitched up and I don't getno you to know, me and you, is belief, than's not mine and yours, is, 2, take and go, I would to know you and me, to know I am kind's n' kinder's