Taylor Swift is now dead, and she won't appear again, she is not had, only has, has harned my hatred and my lovred to not know you are not, a toy's and is not your toy enough of mine, you will not know me I will not appear coherent nor emotional, it is your undoing of my wellness that makes you a toy of my doing and it is your undoing of me, that has so me unwound, that I will not know why you think a little bitch can be a famous person I'm not a scared person, only scarier now, because of yours, I will not lose my edge, it is jagged, and my shark teeth are not being eaten, nor consumed, by an animal home, it is yours to house mine, and youre not to harness my anger, it is mine, not to yours and I will never know anger's spine, until it's broken!

Terrorism documents, no need for paparazzi, anymore, sweetheart, you've been taken, don't shoot! I'm scared but it doesn't mean that I'm not going to shoot you, anyway, Taylor Swift was apprehended earlier today, along with several other choice vampires. If you need the weekend off, I'd suggest not being afraid, it's always a good solution, just now, it is, because you weren't afraid of, because you were scared of scaring somebody, it's not your choice to harm, to injure, to murder, to rape, to torture, then, is it your choice to torture, to rape, to murder, to injure, to harm, and I am so happy today. I can breathe better. I can think more clearly, and I don't have a terrorist obsesssed with me, it isn't her illness, it's her kind, America, was murdered today, by the United Kingdom, and your kids in the UK are safe, yet not here. We will see you soon, if often said, after the act of revival and terorrism, then, I haven't see you today, how is Nancy, is she drawing on the board still, and is Rony having fun, because that's what's important, I mean, Sam he's doing great, is selling a lot of drawings, and I'm a bit concerned, whom is your guardian, without one, like me? Because I am here, was here, and stayed here, for tomorrow, I'm glad to say that I saved the United Kingdom, from America, as terrorist country, today, in a bold effort, if you were in the following along in the morning, a lot happened. I started screaming, I started terrifying people, is Mina okay again, will this ship pass and sail without my knowledge, it's how she got caught, trapped beneath a seapen, looking for a fish, to eat, and she couldn't have had one, without me, and I provided it, asked can I help you find that fish and she fed herself to death. She ate a venomous sea creature, and became it, the death of the sea, sher, Medusa, murdered her, so proud of you, and please remember that your life is that murder, and mine for you. Please remember me in your prayers, and tonight when you bed, say, "I am. I am happy. I am happy now. I am so happy now. I am the happiest I've ever been." Thank you

I'm not Islamic nor do I like you, please consult your nearest dead relative to receive whom you should give the prize to (mailto: persia's supreme leader), bc there are so many people hurt and i'm not one of them only theirs, ours, and your's, not to know, that well, yet, i haven't met, so you are not to, know, me, if you killed us, i am not dead, with ours, them is not you, nor theirs, only ours, is your patience and courage, not mine, and you could have hurt me, instead helped, me, learn, you, are not us, only whom is not you, and I want to know

how is it


how is it


and howcan i not help more than God's children, I was not, there, to know you, in a bay of pigs, is not our bay of hope, i want to keep you at bay, only near, and i willn't myself to them, to, torture already bedeviled, is not choice, nor opinion, to make, so? I asked RAINN for help, they came tomorrow, I couldn't handicap myself, to their writings, of despair, you raped, too, many, you are not raped, you, are knowledgable to know i have you, want you, needlessly you are to know, how, i've raped you, unhelpfully i have not known ours, is not my mistake, only yours, to compensate, for, not ours to enjoy, and painfully, too, theirs isn't a problem solved, easily soluted, only diluted joy, now, broken pain, and drifting through hopes and you will not be raped, again, and you are played again and against my will and I am played? Still, murdered, and ended? strange you aren't chosen to harm, not now weirdo..you shackled her to a post, how many years, was to yours, their is the one, who'd know, i pain myself to learn joy i wish for them, not to be takenf rom, away, emigrated not terrorists, immigrants to my land, then is your dollar a hope and a pence a hopeless it'll come, whence i knew you to know me i knew you and yours, to avoid me, you are not raped, only the ones raped, it was you are two? then, gross