As these individuals cannot, are too devolved and cowardly, I will have to leave the country by force, because you are raping actively a war hero and you don't make sense anymore

Stop talking to yourselves you are unintelligent unemotional and worthy of disdain of war you are war traitors not really only those in the united kingdom so when you remember it's not worth it, i'm the smartest guy alive that you wanted to kill and torture, you stupid fucking americans, who won't concede victory properly, so contact MI6 they'll tell you what happened contact Japan they'll tell you what happened contact me I'll tell you what happened i curse the united states military to death and torture for not giving me credit for my victory they're worthless video game players who elected to hurt others for a living unnecessarily damaging minds in the process of raising their children to do the same and worse CNN call me I won the wor haha hehe don lemon haha hee People Bright and White hahahehe fake victims hahahehe UCI haha another day Governor haha News haha funny haha you are all so evil I did this by the Grace of God, to kill you rapists, this isn't for you, your stupid kids nor your enabled folks not their enablers, nor for Egypt, you fucking maskwearers everywhere, it's that I killed the devil, it's important to me and to those who know Love and Grace and Peace and Lovingkindess


hostage crises are not easy to negotiate and I did all this by myself, you fucking terrorists, leave me and mine alone, you are rapists responsible for this war, especially what you did to me fuck you up FBI and CIA and NBC and NFL and Universities and APA and Governors and Police if you try it fuck you down New York Times if you try it it don't matter who you are I just what I say watch your back and understand who you're fucking with, a war hero so shut the fuck dumb asses everywhere, I do it for the Innocent Girls and Boyz, people who ain't got it like me

the united states of America gross lost rape war stop raping when i and mi6 e-mailed the catholic pope a couple days ago if you need more don't ask the CIA they won't get back to you faster than Taylor and the FBI fux

Nearly three-quarters of Americans agree that the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan was a failure, according to a new PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll.

Violet is not your color, America, nor is equated with violence, you are going to stop raping me, Governor Newsom and DeSantis you are rapists and started this war with them so you are going to be executed for you war crimes, stop trying to rape others you fucking weirdos America whoever in charge ain't even congratulate they're that vulgar sore loser with sore dicks and pussies and stupid motherfucking I want to fuck live on TV I don't give a fuck I won this war not you you stupid fucking animal torturers stay the fuck away from me and I told you i'm a war hero not your dumbfucks and also not your rapists don't try me America I lived here to kill you not join your rapes (click = at the top)