howard stern was always evil give him some mania pills he'll get even more evil probably the worst human historically like his bitches who still love him like taylor swiftie

i ain't get no e-mails from no one cause they blocked e-mails knowingly before uc irvine without even saying they would and obama knew so his enablement too

i would never even think about laying an eye on anyone with any thing relative to your mother's pussy

i am going to literally fucking takem y voice back

you fucking pink lover

i'll end your moms

sorry everyone up there and down there

bobbi kristina brown

i need help

i'm dying

the fact your dirty mothers even made me think that for a second i'll make sure your children become drug addicts, like cvs is trying, fucking blue ass pussy even

this one's personal

good luck mother and fathers and brothers and sisters, and fake helpers

that's about it here

fuck you celebrities one by one and their supporters over the years there is no excuse you are not part of the solution part of the problem, this targeted me, you are racists violent rapists moneyhungry thugs