Some people are so seeped in sorrow abusing with one or two guys, acting like hostage-takers can get you family numbers to try and Bodly Being Godly

subsribe there are similar databases (spokeo, thanks catfish, how's nev and max) is scary hurts my eyes linkedin is sex trade with no one getting jobs like that there's a professional section on beenverified 

the fbi is not real rigbt now if it sounds weird hang up haha stupid

i'm really smart and hard

not really, this is EXTREMELY intricate work, lots of abuse going on, online abuse like taylor does, 

i dont bother 

buy clothes 

there's no problem with anyon, promo if you work hard

and negotiating the releasea of their own, while feeling like all the burden of the world is that person, that innocent part  they are the devil 

and then you're worried, it's usually optimistic, you die you go to heaven isn't it obvious how much you want to live btw

Diplomatic mission to free certain American citizens, not just overseas

to potentially stop bartering tools

if no one can be contacted or is part of the hostage crisis/crises, then it seems the United Nations can arrive to assist

bidirectionally, involving domestic terorrism in one place, to stop domestic terrorism in another

Rape threat to Innocent Britons

E-mail might not be coming through but fbi threat scary

Airwaves are lying so Innocent Americans not just propgandistic, but involving actual hostages giving authority for Leo Laporte to Call For Help

picture is worth a thousand words, is so realistic (not real, because you said realistic)

Picture isn't video (which is real, video is real, see it see it look it's real the apostrophe real, genius 

numbers are exploited, so seek third party numbers and collaborate so it isn't chaotic with Ronan Farrow and the United Kingdom, who work together with the United Nations, and it can be as simple as trying the most basic communication methods not being scared might start extremeley high and extremely low 

a lot of Mexicans are trapped in the United States; can you Donald J. Trump make the personal favor of letting them go without coyotes, who are scary animals they are not animals, it's not "they," it is the not you, it's them

last to stay the fuck away from Taylor Swift

children, Innocents: she is dangerous, can kill you

others, Rapists: she is your toy to not be toyed with, and abusers don't abuse for abuse's sake, and sake is poison, don't drink to get high and create false moods, it's the cycles the natural fluidity

and it's so dangerous

they are lying to you, using your own language, own people, you don't have detention center there find your people hostage you

suffice it to say, the bad parts may have been added to scare and intimidate, that was written a long time ago, and editions are somewhow fbi'd

how many employees are employed at J. Edgar Hoover, Robert E. Lee? or Robert F. Kennedy? Bobby Fischer scary you scary

got dumps like a truck

trucks don't dump are you doing illegal dumping

doesn't mean that oops did you dump mescare tactics not fear factor's joe rogan

even the textbook is not read and weird online help therapy from a drug-connected company with questions that make no sense

"interest or fascination in blood"

just leave that right there, they're smart they'll be bloodthirsty

"snake-bite kits" 

i'd like to buy a "snake-bite kit"

how many, Dr.?

all of the "snake-bite kits" where are you scary


it appears that Kamala Harris doesn't want to be Vice President even, perhaps forgetting she ever had a marriage ceremony and is trapped or enslaved, and it's whatever before, sort of a way out

and that Newsom's wife is in a similar hostage situation, he fucked his secreatry scary

anyway, north korea is in the united nations, you've just been misinformed u.n. by the same deceptive tactics, and this a possible reason for the meltdown globally

they'd love to have to have a seat, doesn't mean they are sexual abusers to induce rage 

the nexium cult is very scary, it involves a hostage named keith, and he seems scared shitless, and ugly as fuck perhaps homeless, it's a scam to enable abortion and fake victimization, victimizing real women and men, some really famous, using the legal system to do so, with the federal agencies described before knowingly

Ann Johnston of La Salle "died in a drowning," was a beautiful poet, may have been trying to find why so many writers are dead, and there are so few Wolves left (literary reference, argh), and are you sure about the computer tech going to Cal Tech, it's a play on words went going it's a name it's a locatioin Eduard Einstein was kidnapped, and Albert was forced to treat him as schizophrenic, brilliant teen

Agatha Christie was a government agent "pseudonym" to kill Sir Winston Churchill, and just chosen out of the blue

That's pretty good. I'm not poisoned, not done, will fight on. LOL

if i die, remember me in my Gianni Versace, some of these nightclub shooters were really FBI agents, like in the sense someone else did the killing, like the Muslim is he employed at FBI sort of thing, was it Crazy Horse, trojan horses can be crazy man

Andrew Cunanan was and is scary af did really murder Versace, Donatella knows the difference between stalking and rage, the first is a fake term the latter an expression of induced insanity by racism and Satanism, sucha jealous strange fellow

Stephen Paddock hmm Las Vegas he was bipolar i guess had the diagnosis similar stuff to say like the library wanderer Mark David Chapman screaming Satanic things at the top of his lungs, because the United States wanted to fuck with John Lennon's semen, to inseminate a designer singer

It's called the CIA Torture Program formally? No, it's Enhanced Interrogation, is the official title, and that's the official title of CIA in Pig Latin, "Torture and die." just kidding i feel guilty fix that, for me, so i don't feel guilty anymore sort of thing and i am interested in computer science i get paid a hamburger a week, like that comic strip in which day should tongue twisters and rapes, this is violent "pedophilia" isn't the word is disgusting as a term as it actually relates to feet paraphilia is the term, and it relates to destruction of virginity, and purity, and not tainting oneself, and a lot of this an expressivenss to get the first kiss back, to taunt and abuse, to know how it was to be Innocent and Godly, but not to come back to God, because once is enough

The biggest serial killer isn't a serial killer it's a torturing where all the bad drugs are approved by the government good to go and stay on and die just like pot and cbd are better treatments? well, they're not even explored in psychiatry and lithium and who makes the generics mysterious like cvs brand kinda but lithium if you want to be more abnormal, as people drink to get high and normalization has been abnormalized (meaningful new words aren't neologisms - neology?) just thoughts

keith are you good, darius okay? heard he got a drug arrest but he doesn't get high dolly parton foundation is a good place to start

Toby Keith was fucking scary, racist and ugly, not really but tough a tough redneck like Jeff Foxworthy what happened to him

How was the cancer decay

it's actually strange that certain mammograms and songs weren't actually better before, like before they were after, before they died with "dying" referencing dying to others, and please make sure Virgil Abloh didn't tell anyone he had cancer, just fuck off and die nope 

fabricating diagnoses is nothing new the medical board is ded that's well-known a lot of doctors go through it for the money, not for being humanitarians very few do missionary work, proving that, some are really good

You are not stupid, this is not a collabaritve efffort, but efforts are given to do the work and live it, but it is together with God, in spirit so it is Spiritual and Godly so what We're witnessing is a sort of death

Nothing is making sense, people are spewing their last venom, getting the last of their darkness out, and i don't feel at fault i feel i was manipulated, then you feel it then you were

It's a sort of darkness, and I respect God's Lights, Let's keep Doing This Eternally

today's rough draft "rough draft" how can a draft be rough and is a draft a gust and is a rough

You see how stupid the Devil was, but not in English or too many words or too technological but

Be Like That Spirit 

"enthuse" was a rage, thanks Dr., equally valuable? more