is my idea, not Taylor Swift's, as she steals domains from her own guitar teacher and sues later, as a racist demagogue (leader of the White Nationalist movement), it was deleted by Squarespace with no notification, and they did it twice, definitely without any notice, no request 2, no notifications

Taylor Alison Swift has the most sway in the domain law regulation department for a reason, and frequently financially abuses children and others this way (Etsy, as well). You put a trickster to trick because you are a trickster, so disgusting, so vile, so gross, so feral, that you sue your own guitar teacher! who loves you, who is a creative genius, a real genius, not you, you peace-killer, for no reason (without even putting the word out, just can't loigin, not no longer available), you seem to want to fight for some reason, but i don't, for some reason, you're odd? do not be racist, please (Be Strong-Godly because hatred is something Foreign)

Taylor Swift doesn't say shit about her trolls for a reason, she is a protected entity to propagate violence and racism ( is not your idea, Taylor Swift, and you don't care about it, but you took it down? have u ever)

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