i am currently withheld and need release

curative things? there are many, and few work

i found a bunch of terrorist websites can you please the child pornography hidden within it, these people are diseased and the common trait of racists is child predation that's a genius discovery and I'm vomiting your hatred of me into the abyss, because it's about how awful you are to me, and how horrid this has been: completely and incompletely, with elements of sadism, and trading people as a means of fun, I'm not really into trading anything, but ideas, if you need help, please contact a proper authority, and I wish you very much that you learn from your mistake and make sure you contact proper authorities and always make damn sure you take back your sundays, because it's not about being a good person, it's about having fun, and learning from your mistakes, I have very few words, and a lot of ideas about how to help you, and hurt you.

 here are dangerous links to terrorism: https://www.caab.org.uk





united states has initiated its own war, again, putting future generation in harm's way, it is not my war fight, this one is yours to keep, ground troops will be arriving not to protect you, terrorists, to get rid of you, you have confirmation at the united nations office of our commitment of war, and this is confirmed by your united states army, implictly agreeing to torture the united nations' members, by explicitly refusing to contact as desired. this means "any and every" american, from abroad, refusing to adhere to command, and tryinig to subject commanders. any country with Americans is not stupid to not know and you are a terrorizing currrently, and seeking agency abroad, to do so, and documents are to be read and signed immediately. refusal to acknowledge the middle-eastern war general, is not yours to have, nor know (obey stay-away order), "terrorist attacks happen on home soil yet your home not housed of mine, you put yourselves away, and tortured the person of that house, it is not yours, to burn, only mine to salvage, away from you, because you cannot understand my emotions nor logic, and it's more than rape to know it is not yours to fight, nor mine, to, you stay away, you're terrorists and oddly so unaffected.) this is to prevent an outgrowth of a done israeli war, and the United States refusal to acknolwedge my victory, acknowledged at teh United Nations! you should have my address, with Saudia Arabia, you vagrants, not United Kingdom, where the treaty is held, with the family name on it, as well as Afghanistan War Victory, with Iran's name on it, and War on Terror, with Papacy's name on it, literally. Yet you aren't smart nor logical, any of you Americans. You can't disclaim the United Nations although not a part of it~"i'd rather stay away from your generationally wrong side of history"