1st • JazzCat President

First [1st] President • M.A. + PhD

2nd?? President •  Doctor [ PhD of Philosophy • ivy league ]

First • Black* President 

B.A.  • Harvard University

1st ?? • President to Complete Uni in Record-Time {3 Years}

1st • JazzCat President

..and the drum beats. do you vote for a musician? a poet? a philosopher who isn't shiny? a man? or a racist? an old man? a soulless thing, who doesn't support mlk jr.'s history and fucks him up...? politics aren't supposed to be parties, families, they are. let's vote for Dr. Cornel, not from Cornel nor from Hahahahahavard, but a person you can trust more than a known liar? does it really matter what age Vascular Dementia starts? or what age a criminal should make the laws? or a person who supports Penny, or randoms who are unaccomplished, or not a thinker, but a creator, who is imbued {Spiritually <<•>> Spiritually }

(Not Black/White, Not Raised in a White Home (Lolo, Stepfather, Hawaii, Indonesia/Culture, Maternal Grandparents)