Japan is being used as a means of psychological torture and feeling victimhood, intentionally, and deliberately to harm the cleanest and healthiest, used as a weapon of hatred, and a place to destroy with malice and unthinkable grandness, so to say that Japan is the place of sorrow in the world, and not moral corruption; and when you went to say you were a good person, asked a Buddhist monk to say thanks, you meant it! This sort of hatred is violent, and without precedent, in fact it is the opposite of thinkable and predictable and logical, so scary and frightening, demeaning and crucifying. So, as you hated did you enjoy our torture, our pain, our love; so our lovingkindess, was yours? Was it yours? You say it happens deliberately, those acts of terror, well the wrongway driver hatred and or hated, and was hatred his to be known as hated, and when you deliberately did so, studying details of how and why, spying illegally i didn't know you - the hater - to know why, you became a false lover, and utilizing tricks along the way, with little hiccups here and there, you'd say oh there's a beautiful place to play, but you would mean take advantage of true beauty, for ugliness to reign and moral corruption of souls and that's your end goal to become the worst mirrored narcissists of yours, it won't happen so you said it was fun, it was mean-spirited, to play dead, and fabricate stories about suicide victims in forests, just for the APA to feel good about their murders and losses, and to have to economically evade them, and have it for fun with such hatred and malice and stupidity of course, to boot, you'd say i'm a good artist and so you would know how to go and wouldn't not have had, so to have had, and you intentionally crucified people there, meaning here, using models there: suggesting hatred and a bodily one, well i hated you so much that night when i went there to see i wasn't you who hadn't been and was and had to be by necessity, you'd say, it was a fun day, well it wasn't everyday and using particular mechanisms mocking intentionally becoming hatred and grossness altogether as one, to have to want and to kill, to quell emotions you destroyed health worldwide, hadn't a day gone by in which you placed your hopes in another place but -america so you had it and was to be had taking from what you had to have known to have had violence and violent(s)s employed directly to harm to quell unintentionally she thought as she intentionally became angry with you, so you had to say it wasn't you, that day, when you prayed, it wasn't true, you ran away, it wasn't he, how could it be, when you said it was fun to see, then it was he, you're so confused, an imperial sort wouldn't be called regal? and with false elegance, you'd always be faux ` with such hatred such violent hatred of yours ``` and when you did so was it to feel good you hadn't been good ever you rapists you disgusting perverts of women, who went to see, is love what hatred isn't, pretty buddhist monk please, but you meant a little darker and in both ways, make me happy, and become my slave, well i won't be, to know you are hom he didn't know to hate suggesting hatred was yours to not know your hatred and murderous ways with directors saying no way it couldn't happen but there you were to stay, but without saying; was it hatred, thus, your hatred and malice so particularly "such - 'such is abuse, is yours, not to say, was it mine to play'" and your hatred reigned forever there, to forgive your crassness, you'd become what you aren't, by force, falsely elegant, and also very strange, so if that was yours to have had yours wasn't to have known and so you hated with such prejudice, malicious prejudice in saying "I had fun" "I wasn't fun"  and "OF YOURS HATRED ISN'T SO YOU CAN HAVE SO YOU ARE WHAT YOU HADN'T, then WhY did you do so, in hating her, so much, to hate herself, you were there put high on the shelf, bereft of meaning, who you are, empty and devoid of stuff you could have seen, wanted, and to have been wanting, well you disgusting plagiarist rapist(s)s this heart isn't yours so it's yours to have had where is it and why are you so maliciously mad and bad, well dangerous to know is the past to us, here, and when i say, i don't like, it doesn't insinuate yours, to have to have to want to know, and such was yours to begin with, so you said it was fun right last night, it was fun in a week, to have haven't is what you wanted, and always so your plagiaristically, and would say, love is hatred, isn't ending, and when you ended, was it fun or truth you were sending those sorts, for um, what, saying i was a good person but only to be replaced and thus, they, and willn't will they to truth, such stupidity isn't God's nor the Godly's, as you raped her, violently so, pushed her over the edge, saying it was good time to go, well where you when you said it wasn't hatred of yours, so where is yours, to have known well it was a strangeness all around and with passion they'd say i hadn't wanted less than i could have had your hatred isn't mine to shine to was, it so to have had maddened a soul, to half one, and make two, well you hadn't harmed me, no you said, i was yours, it was they, and it happened that way."

0the hatred of yours, was so profound, that you did this to me directly; i saw it there, he, wasn't in trouble, so i put a hatred and thre over the balcony edge into a tides, was it fun you had there, then? was it fun to have had me, to have pushed me over, to see what you couldn't, such crassness for whose sake, for oh it was a mistake, only her fault, we're all victims here on earth of "imperialism," no it's regal to say you hadn't harmed anyone so deliberately when you wanted what you could have had originally, but it's yours now, with such malice and grossness and you are so vain so scary and always about him and with he and them and shes, well she isn't your hatred of scaring me off, into saying, "well our hatred is grossed out, wiped out, then you're to say what you aren't everyday then you aren't who you are the hatred of the world so profoundly sad making, with not wanting the heart of hatred, your racism is satanism, and so sad, would it be said, that your heart is impure, then ours is purified.0