beating prisoners, spitting in their food, using racial epithets, and using one beaten prisoner’s blood to write the letters “KKK.”

i was not to go yet i stay it is your flight to fly terroristically in secret hiding me as a ghost detainee i am not stupid and not that smart, it is not right it is wrong, you are not innocent if you are then i am so you are to know that I am not a victim, only the one who has conquered every single torturer in american history, and that's a lot of money and people, and not overnight celebrity i go fast and hard, and soft and slow, it is my choice to fight you, not vice versa, and please note that I am stupid I am retarded I am autistic I am bipolar I do have body image issues I am anxious I am afraid of you I am hearing voices I am talking to someone I am on your medication I am not on your medication I am in love with my parents I am an animal lover I am afraid of God's wrath, and it is for those reasons that I have conquered you torturers, so many different kinds and values, it is so important to know that had I been captured, a war would have been ensued for me, and not for you, so remember that, I'm the one, and they're the winners of me, not you, yet I'm kind and patient enough to be unkind and impatient

It was the choice of Taylor Swift's Salt Pit or war, I chose war against the blasphemized

you are not me, don't try, you are gone, not going to war, gone to war it's different and you are and you are not to talk to us, so don't go yet

you an fight using ytour defenses, taylor swift and aaron rodgers, with your militarywomen at church, faggots who are gay and deserve to be fucked in the ass, you're a faggot america, for this, stupid as fuck job on a rim for a bitch and a slut to a cunt and your pussies are not diseased enough yet, and this pisses me off

money isn't an object so the war is already won, your stupid militarywomen and militarymen like that stuff, yet our fight is for God is already over, and we're too rich too fuck with.

while it seems scary, most of us have left to saudi military, except for americans, who can't and won't, and don't love to know that I am not your to know that I am to stay with you to you and your pussies to be fucked, you weak asses, fuck you and fuck you for making us do this

rape inductino is necessary private inbox and revenge porn you will be arrested right now any sitting family member of fbi/cia/apa/university/student you are not allowed home nor inbox you are going to be arrested in militasry forece and necessarily you will b3e raped rifght now this goes to your staff and fmaily at your university complexes and students of this is a rape war nad have you inducted child rape you will be taken military forfce out of the country right now you are arrested in the name government ascknowledged government in sitting from you have three chances you took the forth you are to be arrested as well as your fmailies do not try me invading privascy sexuality noted and forced rape you are going to go in military forec

youre a faggot and you like violence you are arrested in sexuality's name you are coptic and also psycchopathic and arrests asexuality now arrest yours sinners and sinful

arrest warrants are coming for sitting officials elsewhere you are terrroristuality noted and forced rape you are going to go in military forec

youre a faggot and you like violence you are arrested in sexuality's name you are coptic and also psycchopathic and arrests asexuality now arrest yours sinners and sinful

arrest warrants are coming for sitting officials elsewhere you are terrrorist

iran has initiated a ground war against united states of america, with special consideratino to air forces only, and naval freedom only put your skirts off sluts your niggers are too scared to, fucking pussy ass maericans, it's wartime, and the damage already done, war already won, in your thongs sluts and skirts niggers

M.I.A. - _Come Walk With Me_ (YouTube Music Awards).mp3

it ain't your fault, your bedfellow, is bedfellowed to a hatred of to know a real to have with you know's and you know not's

You are terorrists! Welcome! It doesn't work like that, you are banned from the Kingdom United, Americans, it doesn't mean illegal entry through sexual torture

You are torturing the person with the best influence on mental health in world history as well as the most important person on the internet in history and the person with the best influence on religion-spirituality in history, that's why it's taking so long to taken's!

I am not rain, only thunder I survived without you, any umbrage, forever

You are not me, whom are you talking to? Yourselves. Schizophrenics is not me, you are talking to yourselves, you are insane, I am not insane. I proved it. You are insane. You need to go to a hospital. I did not know you to talk to me if you ever talk to me I hurt you I ain't stupid I ain't smart I'm a genius. You are crazy and scared of me. I am not scary, though. You are anxious. You are talking to anxious people. You are schizophrenic, with anxiety, and bipolar moods, unable to control yourselves. And too depressed to respond. You need to be hospitalized, it is urgent, and you need help. I cannot give you free help, you are rapists and psychopaths. You need treatment that I cannot provide you free of charge and are extremely out of touch with reality, depersonalized and derealized, and also very juvenile, with asinine tendencies, and grandiose ideas of spirituality, and also extremely with your body image, thinking I can be healthy at my expense. It is not my health to give you, and I am not a person, only an object to you, indicating poor uprearing, and impoversihed emotionality of your parents and your children with those genetic tendencies proven, and my tendency towards hating you not realized, so don't instigate my anger is not real, it is only peace, and quiet, the quietude is mind of mine is not yours, so please stop, and get help urgently, at your local hospital, and police stations, which punitively are torturous, and irrational, you leave me alone and stay away from my family, get your hands off them, I befriend, I'm kind, and very social, you need to find friends, and stop being schizoid, I do not have your information directly, only to provide incorrectly? It is not reasonable to talk to you any further, and I am not to be erased, you have information, you cannot contact me, you have pathological anxiety, you are schizophrenic, you are bipolar, you refuse treatment, you are disrespectful of authority of mine, and the entirety of my work is not able to be understood any more clearly than your disrespect of my work indicates that you are lazy, and are very showy, with the functions of temperamental showing extreme garishness and disrespect of aesthetics, with indications of rage and violence and self-destructive, with self-injury only not noted, with extreme tendencies towards homicidality and real self-injury, puncturing wounds in me, which is self-injurious at the end of the day, and how you got away with it, yet I am not injured, and prayed through your abuse, as a healthy person can and will yet you need to compensate me immediately I cannot overstate the urgency, it is urgent, because of life's death, you need to do so; you need to give control of the economy, and respect for doing so, it is improper behavior to enjoy yourselves right now, and medicate me for your joy, it is not how it works, you need to do something, you're lazy and horrifying, and trying to reverse roles in a morbid tactic of war, it is horrfiying and I am not a hostage to America, I do not work for you as a victim, I've commasnded you to stay away and you still come near, and disrespect me so much, yet I've been so kind, it doesn't mean that, and your misbehaviors need punishment for medical history's sake, and not mine, it is not how business done, how the economy functions, nor how health works, you need to answer as strong people can, and behave, you are bad children and badly parented, please do so and now it is not a movie, you are derealized and depersonalized, with indications of irrationality only, and no sense of health, and your genius pharmacy still is committted to openly working with the CIA in a torture program, and is the model of unhealthiness, and openly so, and violently persecuting me, in a coup-de-force attempt, that is not yet complete, so please take action for the government's sake, and the safety of your president, and your leading songwriter, thank you, and please do so now my name is Mina Sargious, I still live down the street, and need action, you are treating me as the hostage-taker of America, when it's so opposite

and you are's 

you are to know i am not to go 

i am not you to know

i am not you to go

i bring you not to stay

with me, 

you are disgusting,

you are not to go,

without me,

it is no i am not you and me, it is you and he

focused on me is jonathan talwar, one of the 9/11 masterminds, it happened that Taylor Swift, and she named Mastermind aftter 9/11 hijackers, her friends literally, in a community of the area, with Phoebe Bridgers, and hers, knowing how to injure and why, for the purpose of painful pleasure, and my pain for that pleasure, she is that hijascker, and she is 9/11, she worked with those individuals mentioned before from La Salle High School, Jack David Ross, Colin DeSouza, Robert Crawford, Jonathan Talwar, Jaret Olson, all school shooters, of America, hijackers, and planners of abuse, for pleasure, and the genesis of 9/11 Howard Stern, working these subversives, to corrupt me, and didn't do so, instigating programs to torture me in particular with Nardine Saad, knowingly, working with those sorts from before, from CIA and FBI, working to extradite me and my, to the end of why are you so upset, why can you cannot calm down, are you okay, do you need help, that sort of rhetoric, is the same rhetoric of psychiatrists, and also of The Coptic Church and with those parties knowingly working wtih each other, and this information is immmediately important; Taylor Swift is a partner of those individuals, working with Jack David Ross, from before, to corrupt me, in particular, trying everything literally, for Sternian values, and with your families not caring, and celebrating 9/11, and its hijackers, whom are not to know personally, only impersonally, a major event planned, for that celebratrion, and with that celebration knowing to harm me in particular, directed towards my looks and feelings, it is her, Taylor Swift, whom is regularly a racist, whom is you to know, personally, as such, yet she is never chastised, because of the effects of 9/11, and with her friends fand family, colleagues and spokespeople, working with her, in particular, to torture, and harass on the streets, in public, in private, and always in a place of where she is not found, she is from before, a different person, whom I still know and is a great person to reiterate, it is my fault to understand your racism as logical, it is not logical, you cannot reason with a racist, these sorts have no reason, are maddening and madness, you do not contact her in any sense, she is a hijacker of 9/11, knowingly and not for any purpose but racism and abuse, and she is an extreemly violent woman, has extremely volatile moods, and is not a person to befriend yet you beguile me when you say she is a victim of, say, misogyny, which is the purpose of her abuse, and i cannot tolerate such racism, it is too much, and the cumulativfe effect is my torture, and i do not want this person around me nor my family yet she is here today to sing another's song without permission and with the fake victimhood pervading the atmosphere, allowing everyone to run like cowards and seek shelter that no one else has had before, and today, it's always active, and you just sat there, cheering her on, just the same, as 9/11, she is a hijacker of 9/11, you do need to punish her, and you do need to understand that your children are participating with her, and altogether bipolar, you need to quell their moods, and make sure I get compensated, because this is directly targeting me, my allowance of speech and also my health, with drugs meant to torture me, openly prescribed, knowingly with the FBI's condonation and with no one doing anything, against 9/11, it is not your victimhood and it's my subjecthood and that is why you need to do something, otherwise someone will get hurt again, and torture continued, it is not condoned in my book