Killing people, anyway, you're supposed to take their guns away and give it to those whom own the guns, not them, so because they never legally own guns, and all police officers are untrained with weapons, namely that of theirs, so if they ask can I help you and pull a gun out, is it theirs to own no it is not the gunowner is not the police officer so she is not allowed to own a weapon even and all weapons are banned currently and they're still armed, so all police officers are criminals and also to be stopped immediately because of the imminent risk involved yet the problem is namely why police officers own weapons and why they won't, because police officers are not known to be criminals, for any reason, as they are enabled to torture and do so because they want to torture, and every individual police officer is to be stopped by force, of weapon, as the weapon is the officer, and the officer's weapon is not an officer, so all officers, release your hounds, as they are abused animals, every animal at the airport is an abuse victim, trying drugs, that's not good, that's gooder and why did you do so to harm deliberately to kill and to have fun torture at the expense of the gun itself, which do not have a price tag, and all are bought somewhere else, where they are not allowed, so all guns are banned, even those in self-defense say i can't own a weapon yet a police can, so every mentally ill person whom could become a weapon, is the weapon, and God wins, won, and will win, with every mentally person formerly unweaponized is to carry a weapon, by force, and by necessity, because the weapon is the emotion, which they hate and try to suppress, because your weapon is your torturer, and it doesn't work that way; so, your weapon, will be transferred, to the person you wanted to kill, the emotion, and your torture, is to be known as deranged, and necessitating mental health treatment forcibly and without access to help that matters, which is emotion, a feeling and consummation, saying that all emotions are the culrpit is proper, and necessary, so all emotionals, all manic-depressives, are the proper mood state, and all emotionals not. my work is copyright. your work is not anymore. university of california is a dead campus, pills remains at cvs pharmacy, with someone strange there, and your abuse at cvs pharmacy has been noted, and won't be noted, so your argument that notes are fake, is not true, you will not get by with this, are known as a terrorist organization and with severe labels attached, so every individual pharamacist and co-worker and officer worker is mentally retarded, not ill, a difference, in understanding emotions, and necessitate not treatment but criminal punishment, and the financier of torture is the governemnt, who, not whom and the money is mine, it's not a joke, you are a terrorist country, stop backwarding my work, and using tools to do it, i'm not stupid, you are violent and you will do as i say, i'm not gonna be forgotten, but you will forgotten, the people will be involved will be killed

FBI Serial Killers got Us, The Innocent, Forever, Only The Good, and it sucks, they chose a serial killer for me, Shiva Taghdis