I love life, and You. Let's Get It Going. I don't like

I hate

my life.

Let's destroy lives, and heal souls

i don't like myself, any 

more than i could have without you.

I don't

do this for fun.

and I don't do this for funny people.

i do this

for you.

so you can get home, safely, take the train mangled directions,

but how if i dont' have a steady line:

code letters ? ? / / [ [ [ anything an accent, that's hawt, not hot, no?

not to be afraid of your abuser, to let you abuse him anytime you want ;)

... i mean what 

that i life

i lot a life

to have fun

with u, is it not truly fun?



if you know someone, reach out to their dummy man, me, i'm so stupid, like eh uh what's your name and why is it named huh {life}{{love life}}{{{I love you and life.!}}}

{{{Life is so fun!}}}{{I funny life, and lives}}{life is fun, yes! oui oui yogurt is good for your tummy or is i there to be squared, yes kinda, chill pill for jesse is a good episodic mania}