doj raped its own gymnasts, who were underage, so nope, when the highest body is not able

the laugh is more of a laugh at you, like a spit at you racism kind of thing, like you're worth shit, it's to induce pseudobulbar affect, ministrokes, which doesn't need treatment, but is sign of big pharma abuse 

there is an attempt to medicalize bipolar illness, but that's just to encourage the unemotional, aspd's

protectors with taylor swift

there is still a large degree of physical abuse going on, like trying to replicate my entire body, it's rape, to enable and destroy, with racist mocking(s)s new ones aggrandizing

war heroes usually have battle scares, so you're not me, An Always Innocent

White Supremacy is an attempt to mask, so cowardly, grandfathered with literal masks, not Black Power