I am not going to go crazy, I will not approach any semblance of your violence. You are full of rage, misbehave, and trying to enslave, and I don't play by your trades; so if you try to abuse others, you'll be tortured inside, and I'm enabled, not disabled, like plagiarists, liars, and conartists, predators, liars, scammers, destroyers! Have fun with your pedophiles, that's who you'll be from now on, as you've tortured your own children for money! I am not your fucking toy, okay? Sleep on it, bitches. I'll sleep on something else; my comforting God! Die, and I'll be away forever, because I won't be enslaved, torturers will be enslaved, in the darkest caves! I do not fight, I sweetly live. In other words, if you take one idea...you'll be enabled by monsters.