didn't do anything before, so UK

Dale, listen, i told you no means nah, meaning nah nah nah you can't get me

don't make it about you, it's so important likely shifting blame? DALE! get off the telephone, i turned Wi-Fi off 

Bees on Crack Burts Bees? bees of my knees isn't about self-hatred, so Alanis? isn't on Full House, online

Manic depression, not known as bipolar disorder, is afflicting world leaders, to no end; it's supposed to be positive

anyway, i see borderline patients who scream and shout - but none who pout

this allegation is spurious; she never threw herself off of stairs, that would be manic, like attempted flying - and never happens, and is meant to demonize borderline women and minimize treatment of borderline men, who are typically violent and feral (medical treatment is not supposed to be psychiatric for such a hypothetically violent fall)

If T.S. Eliot fucked a prostitute and then cried, he would have confessed, which he did; so did he confess to the prostitute too?

credited to mi6 and mi5, etc? by mina

we have terrorism documents filed against university of california as those parties involved directly link

merck and pfizer et al (et cetera) shalln't harm Dr. Kay Jamison's patients, intentionally, but have decided to intentionally kill actively, with CVS Health and that will stay as it's passed (currently and always functioning as an agent of FBI)

we talked Spiritual authority, decided, so onto musical authority, and proper English, so as to cut off certain artists I don't like, still supported by RAINN & SANDY HOOK PROMISE and a dr. of course, of arts, it doesn't matter, just to say the suicide rate is too high, because of certain suicide and homicide advocates and suiciders and homiciders

ICP made juggalos? and Marilyn Manson's supporters aren't gang members? Who is the scarier clown - Jim Jones, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer - these three combined