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and you go away it is not yours you are not to have and go to have not's ain't nobody to know me and foxy brown ain't yours to push around it is not your anger you  step away and pushed out ain't your person to be around it is, to know and your to, and your animals broken ribs, and yours to not have and you are a box to hide in the corner, it is not yours and your, put you and your, it isn't a person you can people and you are not, is not's and when i, then i, it, yours to then you will not know its a people, not around you not with you about you now then later i told you i ain't a person to know, without a people, to want you, and your, filmgoer, it go way deep, and your, it isn't about and your, not to know my, it about, aboutface dark and scary, white and scared, and I told you less than I want to say, and your anxiety is about, anger and malice, then I'm angry and malicious

and you to know, isn't to be known, it isn't yours to know, and I won't know you because I don't want to. it isn't about you, nor you, it's about me, and me, i'll go away, stay, and with, because I do not work for you, it's pitiable behavior, and poorly worded, I'd rather say you is, then are you enough angry to wawouldnt to, and I don't want more to know from you, then nothing, you go to your homes in America, and stay inside, where it's safe from outsiders, and I'll leave you be, with my anger broken into ribs, and my malice broken in two pieces, your bones and my marrow, don't near is a command and formal order don't fear is a command and formal order and don't be far and fearful is not a lesson I learned from you, against you, War on Terror, you get in bed sweetie, did he beat your ugly pussy up I would to!

where {to know, you aren't, harm, is only, where you hate, to know, is not where, and only's, with, and with-to's (sodomy elemental, and partitioned, with elements of, only-to, make, and with-out, you to know your harm is not heal, and all yours, to know it is not harmful enough to live here, nor to become of you, with your stupids, knowingly and derangedly making, and take, for you and your's, alone and you will not, know, my and mine, is yours to have you to know that  I am not yours to have, and only yours, too, is yours enough, then it isn't!} then, you are not, and you are a person is not yours to have your anger, is not my malice, it is yours to keep, with you and you're, knowingly and takingly, making your hatred, not mine, and it is yours to know I am not a person, only a people, without yours, I would want, you to know that I am not a person, even a people, worthless as you wished to be, it isn't yours anymore than it was mine, and do not contact and individual nor an entity, you stay away orders, are kept and stayed, with yours burnt, and naught afraid enough to know my is not yours, and not is mine to make you into a peep hole, into my life, is not yours, to become just stay with your animal, and put me in your cage, that I broke from, and you suicide, and make my dream come true, to have, make, and torture, a sardonic attempt is not sartorial, then I am not to you! you put my style away and break it here with your and yours, entitical and, thus, ugly, pointing the direction, of  mine, to the anger of I've never known, with you & yourself ~, only a person isn't yours to be shrink-wrapped, you put your sweet cherry, away, it isn't my plantation, then it is not your to try, what I tell, is not yours to say, it is my and my's, to take your stoopids, away, put it ground, and make your drunkards, horrid and point my anger towards God, where I will be angrier, with and for, my wrath to be understood, because you can't hear a bear shit in the forest without asking can I have can I awake and can I know your piss is my nerd, to be fucked with, and I have ordered you away, a person in not a person is not to know me, no more than I am person whom is your to, it isn't yours child, it is way beyond God's angries, where you see, it is not, about your stupidity, technologically, you to know your son, is not a person of  respect then your son is a broken background not ceiling, where you see it is to know you are a person to have? it is to know, your son, is the person and you and yours to know it is and you the person whom, is to know, you aren't, your harm, it is your heal, your harmfulness then & you are  and are not, a person of my respect, is to your hatred as my lovred {is your abuser, then, yours, it is not, a person to becomed, my hatred of yours, you understand my regality and respect my telling is your saying and my saying is your telling's, w/ and w/out you are? then it is, you to have a person, work to you, you strange, and person to know it isn't, your harms}

No comments will be has your country is torture itself, refuses to listen to higher authority, thinks everyone all Americans inferior spiritually, in mind, in appearance, in health, in understanding, can judge me, absolutely desgusting

Those misbehaving online can be taken down by any country that sees terrorist it is you, and twitterinstagram one click down, terrorist 

the same goes with netflixc, squarespae, apple music, cnn

Blocked lines of communication from the United Nations to me, noted, and misconstrued messages to Ronan Farrow & Joanna Stern & Kraft-Engel & my attorney (terrorism)

Racist ass America needs to die you are so disgusting you are horrifying you are rapists and counseled on hatred not loverd, this anger is so that you know that I am not crazy only your mistreatment is so violent and pointless and your anger is not mine to know you are horrifying murderers

Yeah u are trying to make me look insane just that you have your history of hatred permanent and I hope to God that my anger is not to be around you and I hope to God you suffer immensely I pray for your death in science and art, and your dream is quieting me against my will

I hope your recordings suffer my anger in loudness and my quietude will never be yours I am not to be toyed and I break your communication methods you do not respect authority nor mine is to know

You terrorists are fucking up for my flow I hope to God you fucking die in Hell for this it is not your world anymore

I am not mad you only wish I was scaring you and scary to you go to hell

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My abuser rides a carousel that does not scare kiddos