this is fake AI !!!!! MI6 says beware of scaries, we're fine, it's hot and dark is heaven today? no! tomorrow! MI5 4 life ???

here's what we're gonna do

1. hide 

2. run

3. kill and run their site, now go there and abuse, it is an abuse site 

4. hide and destory all evidence, and torture in the process, including all forms of economic torture and abuse, this is not a game to me, this is a rape hotline, and a complete military order to end their operation

5. kill all remaining sites, and hide future ones

6. destroy families and friends, as stalking is involved at Pantages MJ and they were mocking racist disgusting

7. kill all families torturing, because it's not right

8. end torture by torturing

9. give me my heart and liberty

10. destroy

11. create

12. disgustingly

this is immediately necessary, ends all funds going and coming, on the toher side, because all elements are involved

1. do not contact

2. do not not contact

3. was not obeyed

4. they raped

5. i need my money,

6. they tortured

7. now and later

8. before you got there, have fun with them, now and always, and you're not moving fast enough presently for God, so see them out, and destroy them everyone financially and at wartime they are war criminals, seizing Google Domains is a crime, you need to act on now to prevent, as you are the police authority

9. respect united kingdom

10.stay away from yourself america, stay away from me and i and my girls and boyz, and now execute both ways, financially and personally and get revenge

11. revenge is to be had, empty all pending payments, and destroy evidence of doing so

12. now, destroy them, take their children out to lunch

13. eat their lunch for them

14. destroy all available all mechanisms to recover

15. Now, you go and do it, in God's name

it's Mina, from MI6, contact them for authority

for more on squarespace domains active act of terrorism will have contact MI5 and MI6, this is a current terrorist organization, attempting rape and torture, ask for procedure