fyi i think zionists crazy i ont know who zion is except for lauryn son and i don't see apartheid in israel with the palestines but there is apartheid definitely so that part fake 

i went to israel ain no apartheid

ain everyone nice

i like pomegranate stands and falafel guys


Knight was removed from an FBI database of missing people 15 months after she was first reported as missing because police couldn’t confirm she was still gone. MI6's Mina

Though her mother continued to post fliers about her daughter, Knight was removed from the FBI's database of missing persons in 2003. 

people who hurt others often abuse family members of the abused, so to advantage themselves, and are known as abetters, not just aiders, abetters, to know whom and how to abuse, and how to hurt, so please know you are safe, but not them

FBI is a hostage-taking group, hence the need for The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Group and Its Current Takeover Necessarily To Amend and Restore Innocence