we are here. we are so strong. we are so somnolent (attentive

eschew bad

don't be distant parents (scary, abrasive, and ugly

to learn is to save, to be is to survive, and to live is to love, and i love because we love you, like God loves us, so perversions of language? silly goose, i don't allow them, nor does logicality, and I hope you understand my elegance, my trustworthiness is expressed when I say this, or, rather, we: I am not extreme, extremists, and I don't abuse, let alone kill, so I improve the world, creatively, unlike supporters of hurting others, those who cannot create, but instead destroy art, and artistic merit is the goal, not madness and mayhem and chaos and disgustingness, but most of all, love, because love is life, and you must love life, not try to peddle insults,

My friend, do not harm, do not kill, do not destroy, and, on a personal tip, don't fuck up art, it's fucking ugly what you've done, and you've marred your life and look stupid (perfect? that is imperfect. nothing is perfect on earth, that's why we keep looking for God, and I know where he is. He is alive and well, I can hear him moving, shaking the ground, changing lives, and tearing down Satan's kingdoms, the darkest corners, the time-killers, the aggressive demons, the lovers of the night, rather than the day, and Assiduousness

bitch, don't fuck with me, you shriviled little piece of shit, shit looks better that's why your own daughters fuck my dick not your impure abusive ass

she fucked me :0)

tell her she needs to work it out, ok?

i fucked her so hard she cried out for her new daddy :) moi (kisses)

by the way, you look like you fucked a guy before, so i fucked you up because you aren't human, you're an animal, who is now weeping and moping for more food, okay sweetie, go fuck yourselves, and learn that abuse is gross, ask your daughters, they cry every night thinking about how you abandoned their works for your own progression, and you look fucking weird and inane =)

if you fuck me up, if you don't know the real, then you will, because you deny, you lie, and you're a crybaby, who loves to be other people, people who aren't known to you, like your soulmate, vivica a. fox, not 50 cent, who doesn't know your inane ways, nor do I. You're so fucking ugly and ogre-like, so fucking man-whoreish, that I have to tell you this: You're a fucking rectangle, not even a square, nerd, so please dance a bit better, learn more about life, because you put everyone to sleep, and that's not cool at all, and you're fucking double-faced, not chinned, though, not hardly, and your leader is dumb, that's sufficient? no, she's split-bodied, and you like to watch Fear Factor just to see Joe Rogan, who is your hero, not your anti-hero, and that's pretty ugly, as your essence is, and you lack any self-improvement, so you're basically a walking insult

hi, i'm mina. you can e-mail me, it's easy to find my e-mail, if you want it, you can ask your friend(s), because i'm approachable and friendlier than ever? i don't know, just don't be weird, and do help each other out, because murderers get caught, sexual predators, of souls and innocence, in particular, too, it is not a way to avoid to kill, so please be happy and know that well!

When someone comes to kill, they know how. I do not know you, so I cannot. I wish you well, ooh I wish you well

a piece of me to (too, 2) fight back, and not be hurt, but you raped me, by tricking me, by looting my being, making me feel powerless, but I survived, because I love God, and I show it, and that's the only way, to be bold and courageous, not cowardly and afriad, because in God, there is triumph over death, and that's a constant in my life.

she is so yuck

i feel like chicken clucks, i make money an honest bux

i do not like trix cereal, so do

not make it for me, bunny rabbit, and please don't sell my ideas, because they cost me money to come up with, and i work harder, faster, strongest, not self-destructively, purely, not scarily, i don't feel like it,

i'm sorry

sometimes i feel folks feelings, i guess?