Travis Scott is not a serial killer. He didn't hire that security. That is the venue. The venue is at fault. The fans need to take responsibility. He didn't tell anyone to die. He didn't tell anyone to kill themselves. He didn't tell anyone to kill anyone. Every song is a means of emotional exploration. This stops this kind of thing from happening; he is telling people to stop that shit always. That's the veiled message, which isn't even veiled all of the time. He is entitled to "damages" for all the shit you've smeared on his name and face. He isn't crazy, though. So he can't fight that shit. I'm not playing hero now, I just know this is gross. He was giving an average show for him, there've been some real ragers, and somehow this one people died at. Fuck people for abusing others for money. You fucked everyone's life up. Now he can't get as lit as before, not just for me, but for you all. Take responsibility and accountability, as he does, even for your abuse. And Kylie is dating Timothee; he isn't a good daddy to Stormi. He fucking betrayed Virgil Abloh. She don't care. Not my business? Won't be no business. Refund because the opening acts couldn't perform because it was so dangerous to young fans (not adults like at Travis's show). (She sells completely obstructed view seats, and kids get deceived into thinking it's a good thing. This is a common occurence, but her removal of responsiblity is what matters, her making everything seem) She absolved herself of any responsibility in her next social media, and made herself seem heroic, and fooled some of you, tricked kids, who form such a large portion of her audience (not comparable with others her age who interact wildly with her, looking for the next easter egg, which will or will not be revealed; she derives energies from interactions with children and adults, alike) again. (response, not a 24-hour turnaround, but she had time to torture you all. play the waiting game. wait and wait and wait. what's next? STOP salivating. It's an abuse thing to gain your energies and lose yourselves and become slavish to a completely strange person to you. You do not know her inner workings, because that's reserved for a select few, not even the oscillating group of hers. Victims are chosen particularly, and it is not your fault you do not know you are victimized, because initially you cannot tell, until your drained and fully enslaved. It happens without your noticing. When someone has that much power, you're forced to do as she says. People will lure you with all sorts of traps, money and love, but love yourselves first, then you'll see that is fake. Distance yourselves from those who use her as a springboard for their own hatred, and that's obviously what needs to happen. Because you're enabling it, too, but it's not your fault to be victimized. She is not to take credit for your souls. Your pains. Your problems. She is not you. I would sort of avoid her if I saw her in real life.) 

DaBaby made it clear he is trying to start an AIDS awareness campaign. He is not homophobic, then. He wants to preserve lives and innocence. What you're criticizing is one line or a few from one show.

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up"

Let's celebrate health, DaBaby said at that one show. Then you made him stop? That's not good. Ending promiscuity and sex with strangers is important, because when you engage in these activities you open yourself to death from medical conditions that will need lifelong treatment.

It isn't a pattern of homophobia. When people do effective things, it isn't obvious. If it was obvious, it wouldn't be effective. A quick switch isn't possible in deep-seated homophobia. Yet on "Boogeyman," he combats homophobia. He's made a lot of public comments. Anyone with emotional depth can't hate. Some people abuse their emotions to escape them.

I was at Rolling Loud shutting down the whole damn show

Tried to make me have a problem with gays

Mixed up my words, made a nigga lose a whole thirty million 

This happened right after his closest friend's suicide. His brother killed himself just before. Your behaviors aren't merely apathetic, they're murderous. You're supposed to care about suicide victims. You're supposed to care about suicidality. You are practically begging for him to go. Survivors are suicides. Not just because of what could happen to them, but because of who've lost.

Stay strong. Don't die yet. It is not your fault that your brother killed himself.

Can anyone make someone go crazy? What is the nature of self-defense? Is everyone strong? Are you weak?

If you have a feeling that you didn't mean harm or were careless, then it's different, very different than the violence you never knew.

Not everyone who kills themselves, like probably (various ways that society allowed by letting him free for so long) that USC bitch-made doctor (also enabled by the Calfornia Medical Board), is good, to be sure. Some survivors are partly responsible, for sure. Those are the kind of people to be held accountable. There are murderers out there. Some people, yes, are cowards, but some are bullied into it. Not everyone is as good as they seem; careless people are everywhere. It's a problem facing survivors; am I responsible? Don't absolve yourself of guilt. Watch out for this person; they know how to kill under the guise of healing. 

The age of sexual development must be discussed, as detractors bring up a point in philosophy and psychology. A child cannot make the right decisions. He or she switches his mind very quickly. One toy, one video game, one doll, one new adventure. Because of this, he or she cannot be trusted with lifelong decisions, nor can their parents. This is abuse. Do not take advantage of kids' innocence. She or he cannot make those decisions for themselves. The age of sexual development starts around twelve or thirteen, for starters. It doesn't complete until the first sexual experience. 

What about Howard Stern? Is he given the largest contracts in history? Has he said anything remotely offensive about women? Has David Letterman taken advantage of young women? Has Bill Clinton abused his power then lied about it, to discredit? Where are they now? 

Why is Bill Cosby a free man? I think those are a lot of accusations. I'd like to believe one? By the way, those quaaludes are meant to make you forget, that's why there are more victims who don't know shit, and others who simple can't report because they don't have the money and/or power. Why is OJ, free? Lawyers who defend these people are allowing this abuse to go on. It is their fault. Not just the judge's, not just the jury's, not just the abusive liars, they are the primary aggressors. And who defends the police? Are you careful to choose who will protect those who need protection?