i don't want to be the supreme race, i'll be the subjugated races, so fuck you racist pogo, fuck you disgusting it's. fake strength, i am against the fake, fake artists, racist fbi leader chris wray and all affiliated trump's muslim ban and hatred of color just the same as taylor swift's racist against the really oppressed so many thousand employees white nationalist group white nationalist vice president's husband white nationalist government racist terrorist we're fine guys we are the oppressed just it's a bit lower but different nothing odd just the pattern of abuse, against the abuse victim, not them the abuser people who have power but it's fake "white power"


fbi hate crime

was committed

propagated by lilit, joe, disgusting

i ain't ugly, i am not subjugated taylor is racist

black brutalization

these gymnasts are representative of color abuse

you all need to be removed power logically

as an expert on colors, the best artist in America, and an expert of racism disgusting FBI races af

i am not scared of you, scary, pussy, i obey the law, street and book, you broke the rules twice and triped down violent afraid of the darkness so cold, i am cold, but not blooded, i'm cooler, scary bitch, stop pulling, supporting, laughingm, miss thang

ebonics is different, but i know multiple languages creative genius unlike your murderer in the "arts," seven horsemen black knights | racism i don't play that, teardrops and closed caskets killed white nationalism that's evil, racism's evil is u kinda ann taylor, so I'll tailor ebonics to you always yo is our word, not yours woah you ain't supposed to do that take your comma, mocking the impoverished, i got money on emotional impoverishment racists, stupid taylor gang ain't mean swifties lol, impoverished like your mind, i got street smarts it don't mean that bitch got white power odd, i'm even

i red ur trying to kill off black people, disgusting

revenge porn isn't black women brutalizer