make the narcissists the jailbirds, not in a Tiki Room, to be sure

please send a response. i am waiting and hopeful

Please don't harm others to kill your enemies. You shouldn't have enemies, to start with, but seriously injuring someone isn't something you should ponder. I want you arrested immediately, and I also believe in your healing. It's going to be a long process for you, but I even have faith in your improvement, but it's not a priority of mine

If someone steals your sanity, then it isn't really sanity to begin with: it's insanity. Don't let someone make you mentally ill or sick, just so she can abuse and feel lucky. These people create illnesses artificially to help themselves, and to kill; they get a certain sadistic pleasure. Killing is worst when it is psychologically initiated and continued; prolonged abuse is torture. Do not torture innocent people to make yourself happy; that's cruel and sadistic.

If this doesn't make sense, ask me directly. You are paranoid? But you seem totally normal sometimes. So that's where I am right now.

You? No response. Complete quietude. But it's of a violent sort. This will not instigate me. It will not pressure me. I am too strong and healthy for your morbid patterns to affect me at all.


I am not your toy. Do not toy with me. It is not a good idea as I've shown.