You are not entitled to investigative results, as well, and any attempt to benefit from them will come back to haunt you, on your favorite day of the calendar, which is already gross because it encourage kids to take candy from strangers. :) 

You are not to enter church, and should inform your families, but the spiritual decree, the one that you cannot hand to others, false church leaders, false gods, is standing and will not change temporally. (You are not a victim, you are an aggressive serpents. Advisory to stop pretending to be Spiritual through religious deeds and false commitments, as you will be exposed, as the others were.)

God is real, everlasting, not stupid, not disproven, and /god protect us, believers, save us, non-sinners, destroy destroyers, sinners, the fool, the disgusting human who thinks of herself as a leader of the world, we are hired by God to be good, and we will stay so, we will hurt those who hurt us, but spiritually, not in a violent way, making sure to obey the laws of the land, to dismantle them, because they are satanic, stupid aggressors will pay in Hell, and that's not our mind, as the fool perishes on his and her own, becoming differently decrepit, stealing hearts and souls and cheering each other on into Hades, you fool(s)

God protects us, not you people trying to usurp His Grace and Powers, you have proven. I will ask God to protect us Spirituals, from you, fools, and make sure that you do not confuse Truth, personally, and, moreover, you will crumble and cry and pine for the rest of your lives,

Take care,

God's Child, to be Blemish-Free, Hater of Pestilence, Lover of God, Forever!