she's in porn? whom? who are you in porn a porn of whom you're an apostrophe in, to punctuate means to end. this is a punctuation ! i'm free to exclaim, that you are the worst of the worst - and I'm the best of the best

such is the battle, and it's over, accept defeat, and stop looking so bad

Taylor Swift appears to have staff members that literally work for the companies and individuals mentioned

Sophisticated abuse strategies have been employed throughout, studied historically as torture, and these are being and were employed to hurt me, and I do remember

to say that you hate a lot, like an auction lot, perhaps, and such a lottery is always gambling, but citizenship lotteries are a bit different as loiterting is to panhandling

It's possible that Lilit Pogosian MD has a connection to a Proud Boy, just for completing a wipe of the homeless population of a race and possibly political connections 

((pitiable people aren't unhappy, they're not to be pitied, pithy sorts.)

who has been torturing me in the past, does it matter if they were condoned after before or enabled or when?

people are told they are too much, but always, asking to address with subservience, and that's behavior of pedophiles, like those who enable pedophiles, who are probably pedophiles, but it means so much more

people who are colored are always hurt by Blacks? is that what she is trying to evince, and for what cause, because causes are also not just organizations/individuals, and so which causes are terrorists

Forced faux empathy is something these sorts also do, so as to incriminate you with bad people, and allow theirs to grow that way and be protected


adulterers of crosses?