YES stop genocide!

Hi, Michael J. Fox, and son and daughter! They're talking Parkinson's, not Sickle Cell drug (not pot!)

you guys are aggressive, fast-paced and scary, abusers of the highest sort; you think you can get away with it? i'm free to have my mouthpiece, strange women who feel empowered by men, it's abuse, it's racism, disgusting; everything's documented, so it would behoove proper behaviors. literary theft and abuse is a crime, too, ms. christie, travis was popular in the uk for a reason, because of swift, not fans of abuse. worldwide abuse is noted, and these crimes are international, i dont work for money, for freedom and its riches, real money, not funny money

just because it didn't happen before doesn't mean it won't happen SOON,

criminalization, like the 11, can amplify just because of that basis, your presidential candidacies are bound to failure already, and the original laws that say you can't change them is in the process of becoming modernized, scaries.

true art theft is also being criminalized, and being studied? no, criminalized; it happened on too broad a scale, with billions made, through single individuals, and corporations, also thieves are examined; apple is benign, but samsung took a bite.

theft is gross, and is pedophilic, any attempts worldwide are documented per ip/ by governmental watchdogs? no governments, but watchdogs too, grrrrr

intellectual property theft worldwide is a pedophilic act punishable by jail time, even can be prosecuted in the states, as it is an international offence

expiring me, medically or otherwise, like mlk jr and malcolm x, in recent history, and others who were less successful at combating art thieves and pedophiles, association between the two, won't suffice and obvi i don't complain; your money isn't just trash to me, it will be used to explain yourselves, later? sure, just like howard stern, who is being investigated too

i'm a first of a kind genius, smarter than america as a whole, and unashamed and indeed content with my lot, but not your vanity and, I'm also smarter than the leaders of most Ivy Leagues, so? dare steal? do so. it isn't a setup; it won't get you anything, as it's a setup; not for money, stranger, comedy philosophy that's strip club money to me

i'm alive by force of will, people lie to incarcerate niggas like me, in hospitals, like jails are nowadays,

but this shit ain't about me hahaha

so i'm good, so to speak

celsius cool, you wrong kkklanada, because red bull the gross 1, stay healthy, stay crazy, but these drinks 

obesity kills, but so does corruption of mental health, and people are born with genetic attributes that increase weight, egypt home of obesity, but prosperity, 2

and you're free to sacrifice or self-destruct, so to speak