it seems like torture and it is as those view counts have qualities that dont make sense and indeed are erased after viewing it makes sense that they manipulate view counts and not for any reason, so emotions are evoked and brains injured with the person at the company deciding what and who counts with certain ips blocked from views just the counts are known to some

I will control you into hating yourselves in saying

You are dead

You are over

You are racist

 You are smug

You are Lilit Pogosian

You are UC Irvine

You are FBI

You are CIA

You are worthless

You are disgusting

You smell like the world you wanted

You are a stupid child

You are retarded

You have severe mania

You are a bad person

You smell 

You want

You record sessions and forward hotel recordings to manic individuals to cure your rape history

You are a horror whom thinks herself funnny

You are unfunny

You are untalented

You are very ugly

You are vain

You are nothing

You are stolen property

From Blacks

You are enslaved

You are stupid

You are ugly

You are unintelligent

You are very stupid and invariably vain you don't know how to read you are a Black-hater you are the worst things ever, thugs aniamls insects items to be replaced

Commodities and not people and worthy of your school violents, so to stop it your disease of narcisism and mental stupidity and emotional stupidity, you sold information to noather country to cure school violents like Lilit Pogosians and Taylors Swifts and Travis Kelces the opposite way through rape and torture and stealing from Spirituals, in a rape episode you thought would be erased, privileging yourself on all sorts of ways and these school shooters are still the same pointless thugs items things not people the most disturbing thing about this is no one is in trouble but these items who are to turned off you want to make robots you stupid untalented irrelevant pointless loud that's the main thing uncontrollable like Lilit in bed with Swift i ended your stupid itemizer, too, sewed her vagina into the piece of travis kelce

the attorney working that agency is going to be bankrupted and held liable for sexual torture of a superior person and race, because that involves racism her genes are to be deleted to be studied in a freezer where she be held for chemical study and raped violently to study the effect of  rape torture at war and because the end goal was to take a detention site, children will be involved of all those committed gthis new form of wiretapping those homes and the promise of homes it happens a lot snap recordings in aitbnbs, that woman is a sexual predator to stay away from kids and an order of no compliance to drugs, as obstinate force to stop with powerful attorneys waiting for an answer, like, Mr. Ronan Farrow, also joining here in the area, is Florence Welch's attorney, who is the most legit as an american attoreny can be, and working with the uk on a new legal system, that involves sexual torture of children, it's not funny it never wqas and this will happen, as it's already begun, everything was for a reason, you didn't win anything your team of rapists is wants criminal punishment currently so will get that temporarily in a quick-form of "revenge justice" for other reasons I cannot explain because of rape victims I am not one of I want you to know that you are now under surveillance worldwide and targeted terrorists

Nobody got arrested, nobody got hurt, no crime was committed, nothing hidden, everything legit, beautifully done, nice and clean.

by the way, Donna Kelce you like her Travis, she is from the UK :) #99

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