don't worry, Innocents, nor get waste your angers, it's about my hate crime they don't want to talk about, so it fits better in my story

rosa parks did not sue outkast, that was fbi who wanted more than they could give, often planting story, to say she died, on her own, that stranger, odd to say, it wasn't there that she buried her, but who was she, a scary? someone without kindness nor a person who loved, too much, to say, no way it's Rosa Parks on television kinda day, like that picture its fake is what they say, being a they is not one per my description, so if it wasn't then it was, and a way out of this mess, let's blameshift to a person without kindness namely this Tailor can put it nicely for you, and yours, and also with and without hemming, to note that ernest was a bullfighting kind of guy, someone who loves someone is not someone who hurts someone to not know, so when you knew your wicked selves, you paitned a portrait, that sells, and detracts blame, all the same, to say it wasn't "Rosa" an infrequent black name though it was a wilted one, a flower that never grew, had no thorn of christ isn't the thing why isn't she a saint anyway any day i would canonize he to say thanks for being me and also for letting me know my heart is always, to say that someone never harms, only kills the way they do is so brutal and unforgiving and historically strange, so if she wasn't told to die, why still alive and why did she make money, and so many people loved her, but never talked to her on the bus, makes sense only in the sense of trust to say i sat there and ran away only once a day the bus runs how often are we deceived? way 

art that kills, not killing art, the way you do is you stop them from threatening you, from having any voice, ta da, no art, no artiste, he gone, vacation, be back soon, see you l8r and now, so will be started with the trials and interrogation in the psychiatric office, it will be a while to figure out if you're suited

i'd like to explain, its justice and peace correlated closely to annoy, only, just perturb a bit?

do not try that with me. all of you are fucking liars, conartists, and ain't stupid, dumb, nor am i not stupid and not dumb. So please do not challenge me, cut your wrists emo fakes, weird warlocks, 

We is not you and me, 

there is a lie, doesn't mean that

what you ain't isn't what you is, stupid stupid stupid i ain't like being with stupid no stupid stay, huh not go