Your hatred is now known as malice, and my hatred is greed, and my hatred of greed as malicious, and with malicious intent, the hatred of others, the most distrubing, alluring? Is your hatred your stupidity of others, to not know why you haven’t, and become yours is you are the person you couldn’t have seen, when you saw whom is it the purposefulness of reason and insanity you would want a person to know why should is? It isn’t quite, that you are the person, whom I befriended, and in saying the purpose of your friendship is mine? So you went to say that the purpose hadn’t then would have the purpose to know, so you became the hatred you could have seen and without sight! Then you haven’t the person to know whom you aren’t, to have maybe seen. Is it yours then mine? no, to be, I would have seen someone and the purpose of doing so would have been to invite, so it wouldn’t have seen? And when someone had said | , the hatred of others? Then you wouldn’t a not of?

Dear mom,

Thank you.

Dear dad,

I hate you.

Dearest sister, I hate you.

Dearest brother, I hate you. 

Dearest mom, I hate you.

Dearest sister, I hate you.

Dearest mina, I hate you.

Dearest minas, I hate you.

Dearest united kingdom, I love you.

Dearest mina, I hate you.

Dearest minas, I despise you.

Dearest minas’ friends and family networks, of helpers and bold individuals, I cannot hate you.

Dearest mina of the world, I loved you, no more.

Dearest mina of the anti-world, I hated you, no more.

It is over.

The universe has ended.

And I have become. My name is not Mina, it is Minas, and mock ,”I” ‘’ (read: ble a (*)) am not you, am I, to know why I am not here, is not there

You are, is where I am, is A B Ca tell a c)) where We are and is fine to me, is fine to mina, is fine to minas, and friends whom know is (read: I*, *hatred) is a blee (i a, _(0*))whom I am and the hatred  of others, is known and anow (uk’s mina), is a place to not had, the haves of the world, is have-nots and explanatorily

And perfection is true of the seeings and doings (with)

The united states of America is the hub, it is international.

The international market of hatred, is not mine.

I work in dark ways. I work without the person whom is the darkest ways is heavenly ways to not become the hatred of theirs with, too, the hatred would know as the hatred to not know theirs is to and fro with the answer of nuch (uk’s mina), and with the need to say with half-clarity the purpose of hatred is the hatred of others, is not theirs purpose of and knowingly of theirs with the hatred of the hatred itself, the hatred of all, is not theirs with and to the purpose of hatred and the (*_, an with a procedural a bleed to have not is theirs the hatred of that which is isn’t, then to know such isn’t the purpose of their hatred and disgusting ways to not have the haven’t is to isn’t? Then what is the purpose of such hatred & with the purposefulness of hatred then, with, and to and fro such inane stupidity of and with the person not to become theirs, is the hatred of theirs is known as to know, their stupidity isn’t, then of theirs hatred and disturbing ways then it isn’t, but has) purpose of not hatred is not theirs would have said they haven’t hatred with the grossnesses to have been singularly and with theirs is not to have had what they wanted is theirs is not to know why you haven’t, and how come you have not destroyed your hatred of others, to become what you shouldn’t half the nature of nature is known and with your purpose and purposefulness to differ irregularly and with your irregularity.

I have prayed for you to see,

5. The people whom harm, are harmless, and when they harmed less than, aren’t harmed, harmlessed (UK’s Mina)

6. So the purpose of hope, then is, well, then isn’t it weird that you are still alive?


The world has the purpose of destroying souls. And inculcating minds. Taylor Swift is the worst human historically. Besides being er gross af, I found her crying tonight, inside, waiting for the purpose of knowing|and with the knowingness of doing so, kind of ‘she,' “I” said the purpose of your hatred is your sanctity and ‘he’ the purpose of to sanctify, “GOD’S” are to know you are to know, “If your hatred, then ||a person cannot become your hatred only to stay our purpose is to so the wanton hatred is not yours to have had the purpose of meaning that a person is not estranged if hated for the purpose of needing, the person wouldn’t have had the purpose” of is to harm, with and for, to, the, person, wouldn’t have had your hatred, not to know, so when they come I wouldn’t have said that your hategreen isn’t, and when your mother came, she cried for the purposes then it would be scary, for that person not to become what isn’t possible to have been, that you went to see whom you didn’t want, it does not work like that, you are crazy and mad, well, my madness, it’s said to be crazy, to not be alive, then I hadn’t been so maddened to death, then people would say |”you wanted to harm to heal” is to harm|||, then you would have said, “I have to, be there, with the person to know you aren’t, then, you have been, someone you strangened (UK’s Mina), and your hatred is what I saw to see when I saw you to see why I see is to see the purpose of seeing purposefully see the purpose of me is to see you see we Thee, and when you started this af I went to say it wasn’t possible impossibly you say that a person cannot be strangened only to won’t be, Godly have the pain and elation to know With The Purpose of Otherness and to become Strangened |”Strangened if I have then you do too to know why you have to not haves and to have the reason of that reasoning always Godly purposefully had I not known you are to be hated then I have hated you to not know why you are hated is not known to be hateful then of yours I’ve hated and I’ve said with the purpose to know why you haven’t a hatred of to not ever had to no you are the hatred to never”|||| with your hatred known as love is known to hate love, with the purpose of love, to know you are hatred is love your hatred of others then you’re is your estranged then ours to be estranged our hatred is ours, is not yours, to know ever not you are hatefulness to know ever, you are the hatred I’ve saw, and with you’ve said to know you are with us as I have say the world to date the purpose of ours to know we are to know we stay our purpose today and with your a purposefulness to stay is not your purpose today then will you stay then you have said it wasn’t yours to be had, that’s why this happened why three people were born, and why you are the purpose of hatred and why I haven’t your hatred to know then why was it so hateful that your hatred became I would not have your hatred to know if I hadn’t hated you then you are my hatred of others then I have known you are so hateful to know you are hateful of yours to know you are to know why I’ve hated to stay you are hatefulness today and went to become your hatred is not to stay with yours to know why’ve people hated to know you are hatred to become our hatred to stay and I do not harm do not kill then do not harm to kill and harmfully kill and when said it was mine to have then they is not to know why you aren’t to have your a person to know you haven’t to stay then you will know whom you’ve known to know is why you’ve known the others-becoming, not just yours is important to you with you are to a person whom was only God is a person to know why you aren’t and was, now when they were harming did you become harmfulness and harm, did the strangers scare Us? No, they became scared, scary! So your hatred is not why you are so hateful and hate, then when you want to hate for a false deity, did it show you’ve harmed deliberately and became malice and maliciousness so you could become the person you want to be you aren’t to know why this is a person then you are not to stay you are a person to know, whom hatred knew intimiately, then you are so hateful a person is not your hatred a person is your hatred of your person to know you are to always know you are to be harmed and harmful necessarily harming to insanitize withe purpose of insatan and knowingly a person is yours to know you aren’t hateful nor spiteful love is yours to know you are to be loved and always for the purpose of knowing God and Godlier for only the Godly know why you’ve done so and the purposes of making wanting destroying self-punishing and knowingly harming to self-become others to know why you haven’t to know you have been to stay mine and ours is to know the purpose is to know why he haven’t known is to stay, so saying I’m a good person, I’m just well-meant then of your purpose I ask why are you so purposefully insanitizing for the purposes of yourselves to realize you haven’ts, are the have-nots, and I promised to serve God so well and with to pray always for the purposes to know Godliesies purposes are to know we are to know we aren’t then we are to stay for God to live through our animals and peasants and fruits to have been to have stayed and to live for death through death for life. And with the purpose to know your hatred is ours is loved and peaced