this was work done against FBI and CIA, against domestic terrorists like "Biden/Trump/candidates/empowered politicians locally and federally judges etc academics" (all terrorists, extra-nationally)

this is not concluded weirdos rapists

this is considered a terrorist attack cyberterrorism blameshifting to greater and lesser degrees these are extreme levels of abuse store/person/store it's an ultimate form of rape sexuallassaulttoprevent

mi6 has these documents proving what i'm saying is correct everyone involved has no security clearance

other companies have been victimized some advantanging themselves to their rapes, and Apple and Amazon and Joel Osteen's Lakewood INC. knows others know it's ongoing rape and no one cares only pretend cares because they're enjoying the rapes

by MS 2024

so racist disgusting

:) hi

(do not contact anyone from any invovled organization, like starbucks and ups and cvs pharmacy and others, nor uc irvine, as I've removed myself)

Through the diligent care of a man who I don't know with the friends in his head

involves academics, psychiatrists, police local and federal media and international politicians

i'll say that the police officers dressed in uniforms with guns are not truly police officers, but both alarm calls got directed to these men and woman who responded with guns 

this was and isn't as scary now that I know this

being deceptive, nexium is not a sex cult, alone, but one of violence, and there's a reason i'm scared, others too

it's still fbi

there is no one there but them so it's fbi (no cia - fake, clandestine)

i have more than one residence like many do just keep your families aware

i would suggest being aware that police is fbi is cia is officials 

your only recourse is MI6 and MI5, honestly, and they will direct you properly; your calls are forwarded, you will get a message saying not received with your message acting like something important - just remember to keep trying

has contact information if you look

+44 is the country code; i was a little hasty earlier i think they have an international number but both should do (these don't cost anything these days)

this is real the people are real

shiva taghdis is a representative fbi and uci police department

do not contact either, both are terrorist organizations

this is the work of mine, over twenty years of abuse and hard work

against most people, like Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, currently, but countless others; all of these people are terrorists

news contact is ronan farrow only and for information and help and helping it's the united kingdom government in every form