retrarded too scary to say too scary to be retards only retarded depressions and manias, slow-thinkers, fast-talkers, it's important ; you are not intelligent and also very sluggish and quick to your anger, i will need your bread only on days of nights, and the nights that i sleep and don't, are not yours, to be enlivened, you sleep during your manias, and awake your depressions, it isn't my anger nor malice, only kidness and sweetness and your supplications to me are not to God only to yourselves only amongst yourselves and mine against yours isn't yours to rape, and your child, of stupidity, is not mine, of utterances, and without uttering my words, "I do not," "will not," "have approach your vile childs (2024 Israeli HAIMAR), and only my virtuosities, it isn't a kind day do not sleep tonight and put your child of anger into the wall of prayer and forcefully with her hand broken her foot shackled it isn't my child to your childhood and my adult to your adulthood i did not do not harm not my self, to prayer, only to prayers and the prayer is aramaic it is not you to have you and yours to know i am known is unkown your and our is your stupid hand waving goodbye to my hellos and you are so ugly inside of your stupidity is not your child stupid enough to know her hands are shackled feet and my prayer hands are hers to not have then put your church away and i am not your church's leader nor follower of your leader is my leader yours to know i am not your i am not a person to know i have not's & i have's so when you say it's

do not know

and in the wilderness

it is yours to bear my emotions

then my emotions are yours then

am i to yours a ours to know you are

ares to have

then is it

yours to 

of our

to know 

is our to know is your

then you are to know

it is not so your anger malicious 

you do not

will not

i will not do 

then you do

it is yours to do

then yours

and yours

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