someone in america a long time ago went to armenia and just took it over it was a long time ago i just found out that america owns armenia and no one found out they took it and made it theirs there is no armenian government if you look it's just america, so armenia is america, not vice versa, but they're trying to do it here, the same way as in israel, done before egypt but stopped after, so when someone goes to a country and says it's mine, as america did to another, taking and enslaving, then generational trauma happens, such has happened with "this aremenian genocide" thing, it is entirely fake, no one argues when there's a genocide, so why did they say so, was it preemptive, I thought so and I still think so, and Armenians are my friends, these appear to be very violent satanists, who look for the holiest lands it appears that all nations are subject to the united states tyranny, where they can take anything, and that's not right, so I stopped that.

Everything was about to extinct, like dinosaurs, and they want to bring back? that's not possible, I proved God exists and is powerful to kill the devil, so thanks to my innocent boys and girls

Because I'm the only one to survive, I'm not a kidnap victim, I'm the strongest woman alive, the last one alive, defeated every vestige of devil, proving how evil each and every one of you, because I survived so much, and embarassed your ugly asses so much, then went back to save you, because I'm nice. I'm so nice, and so strong. Too good for America, you think? How about a fucking rapist? So, there's no point in trying to kidnap me, capture the wrong way, it's done, it's over, be more respectful, while I'll be more disrespectful!