Nardine Saad Zayat is knowingly hired by CVS Pharmacy, to harm and kill me, a long time ago, to take me to a black site, long ago, because they expeected me to recollecte her, like Dr. Rashad Wasef and his son Basem WAsef and his daughter Sherry Wasef, this person is not a person to mess with as teh daughter of CIA Director Gina Hapsspel and this took place over several years, I don't look at faces, I don't have propagaonsia and i don't look at faces and lie to souls only so it is your soul not to look at i am havenot physically blind have able fision and am not stupid am able this person is seen as, "dark, spooky" "kind, unkind" "'scary and abusive' and", and aubsive and scary and i kindly say it i was not a harm to heal and you are a person t o k n o w f


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Nardine Saad Haspel was hired to rape and stalk me, as a child, to follow me at 17 into University of California (A governmental campus), to rape, torture, for the CIA, in a "mind-reading" program, just to rape mine, and use the most severe abuse tactics

to rape, and follow my brain, to kill, and quell, to mock and embarassingly to enable hypomania and happiness, in the abuser, and rape the victim, whom is true {rape}{{rape torture}}{{{rape torture's}}}

these are severe war offenses, and will be dealt with, by damaging the brains of america's best and brightest, and their children

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