Terror is at an extreme level, and your leader is no longer present; and it is your doing, and not my duty to you, to fix your problem. Please consult the United Nations for procedures, and remember I will contact you, not you contact Mina; any contact is a terrorist action. Full-Terrorist Designation, To All Parties,

and designation is at the United Nations, I will not entertain the thought of America, it is a terrorist nation, and terrorist actors are prevalent in every rung of American society

Please forward all your documentation, and I will not converse. Furthermore, I am beholden to another country, it is not my duty any longer, that my militia is not be affected in a cat-and-mouse terrorism.

You have lost rationality and emotional capacity, and you are completely pedophilic. You are attacking Royal children sexually, with your helpers and helped.

You are to stay away. Obey My order. You are a terrorist. Stay away means stay away. touch and die die and touch touch and die 

{rape actively, with torture elements, torture elements and rape, and violent torture elements, to effect rape, it's too late-rape, touch-rape, full-rape, torture-rape}{{and with your provisional}}{{{torture and childhood}}}


it is not rape, without a party; and it's not a party, without a rape; if you need me, i'll be raped, and you'll party; don't party without my rapist; and do rape without my party; it's too late, and I am too early; it's too late, and you are not, to talk to me, without respect. I do not respect you, anyone, it's not your fault, it's mine; I'll see you to the moon, and undearly I dearly pray to God, may I repose for them, their souls and minds, animals who are executed, is my warrant; and your duty, to mine, is my duty, to kill you, and rape you. you are not my friend, only my enemy. rape is yours, and you are the rapist. so, you will be raped, and i will rape you. go to hell, and now. I will kill you, I represent the Royal Empires, not your shitty asses getting bloodied; goodnight you will not contact, it is not your to contact Royalty, you are not Royal, We Are, you are white and black and brown, people I don't know, I owe you less than geting raped, you are a feral animal, i've ordered your son to get raped and sit like sluts and dance like niggers, I could not respect a person less than you, Taylor Swift's American, it is not my toy, to fuck with, and not my bitch to rape; I'm not a movie star, but I am; if you get near me, I'm going to name your rape on my list; it's part of my disease, that I get upset; and I don't respect rapists, you are not a victim, only now you are about to get raped if you contact me you will get raped your name is on a list and it's going to happen, you're going to get raped, I am not joking, you deserve less though, I'm being nice, while you rape actively, and I hope for once you learn your lesson; do not mess with Royalty, and you are Royalty, to mess with Us, you are a faggot and I'm afraid to say a faggot's. Stay away from us, and play with your heartless minds.

If sum1 makes you put im not put out because then it's pointless, and you wonder why; is it for your, day gone bad, or worse, to know, I'm not known, unknowingly, it's a bit, odd, and gross, to know, just, isn't, yet was; to know how, you, is and were, then I don't know, maybe, never will why it's and because you are, odd, not me.