creep isn't that great of a song, but t-boz thinks it is because one of you said she's unpretty. you aren't. let's leave it at that, thanks and no thanks (again!).

one time, i was at this party. and girl started spazzing. saying atheist shit. i laughed. i cried. but the thing was she thought she was talking to Thomas Aquinas











With every raindrop, every lightning bolt, we are reminded that life is temporary.

God is not wrathful.

That is a misnomer.

He is not mad at you.

life's just a few years long....i don't know who you told you could play God, but it could be taken any day....! shackles? Break them. Praise God as best you can, and fight back evil

laws are manmade and tricky, follow God's as well you can. be fruitful, don't destroy the world, and be open-minded

Because bad things happen, doesn't mean

Rather, it means that we have to think.


Why does life exist?

Is it purposeful?

How can we be resourceful, and learn to be. 

God is alive.

He hasn't taken the form of catastrophe, though.

However, this is evidence that God cares.

God cares because he knows that you can handle any calamity.

Only those who do not live well are afraid of life's end. Because if you're confident in your moral choices, then you'll know that a heavenly reward awaits.

A heavenly reward commensurate with your deeds here.

Hell exists, too, and you'll be punished to the same degree of your evils.

Maybe there's hope for an improvement of your lot when you die, but you will have to work so much harder if you weren't good here. 

The body doesn't accompany you there.


Be healthy to praise God, and do good work here.

These events serve as reminder that death is next. It is what you are waiting for. It is the meaning of life, fortunately, because here isn't something we have control over. Our inability to fight everything, our powerlessness in the face of the unpredictability of life, shows our humanly feebleness.

While God lets us challenge life as much as possible, to fight as hard as we can, remember we are small, so small. Anyone can become sick suddenly, all of our homes destroyed. It shows us that we need to be strong, can be resolved, and that we are ultimately very frail, even the supposed strongest and wealthiest, who might have certain advantages, all of which are suddenly laughable.

Life wouldn't exist without a purpose. Our purpose is to make sure we're well, that others are well, and the world is a beacon of hope.

Be nice to each other and to yourselves and to the Earth. The unknowability of things makes us know that we cannot control our destiny!

Everyone has a spiritual path, most guided by religions. Religions are tools that can assist you. Find what makes sense to you, and makes you live as strongly as possible for, God.

Not everyone religious is good. Some are very bad. But there are bad fruits in every bunch, and saying one person is bad because of another is not rational, and there are plenty of other worlds that are even scary. Some are religious as a guise, but most of the truly good people help others and the world and do fulfill their spiritual duties. So don't be dismayed with all that jibber-jabber. 

Be confident in your soul. Do not doubt!

It doesn't matter where you live, in a castle or in a place with fewer rooms. You have the same brain; make it healthy the right ways.

All the science stuff. It could be merely an illusion. What of the original causes, and we love the ability to reason. Stop thinking too much. That stuff is weird.

Atheism gives rise to disaster. Do not approach. Anthony Flew changed his mind when disaster loomed for him. Carl Ludwig Nietzsche, a pastor, knew what was right for his son, but his son, whose philosophies helped impel his insanity, took advantage of his innocence; Carl Ludwig thought he had a good child.

The conversion process isn't simple. You cannot simply lie to God. He made you and is much smarter. There are many stages along the way, and a sinner can't become a saint after years of abusing God. That being said, there is hope for all. Might or definitely have to work harder

Proselytizing to the evil? We have duties, but be smart.

Work hard with God, as a team. Don't self-destruct; you can only help God when you are able.

We are given glimpses of Heavens and Hells here, so we use those as indications of what to expect, but we don't have full knowledge. Life would be dull if we did. The afterlife is incomprehensible, but know that it can get worse (your friends won't meet) or better (the painful, corporeal body will die).

Religions and spirituality endow us with mental health, and that has been scientifically studied. Just find the right PubMed articles written by the right people, who aren't overwhelmed with science and playing God, the simple sorts are best

Look to the greats, not to those who talk in shiny, glaring ways without a proof of their worth. To Michelangelo, a good artist, Isaac Newton, a good scientist, no weirdness

I am not crazy. Want to add or subtract to come to the right conclusions? Do so. Thinking for yourselves and researching are good things.

liars and cowards go to hell of course, no second chances. also, god is not stupid. he won't forgive your betrayals ever or your racist maneuvers (verbal trickery) to domineer and feel powerfully motivated falsely

always there is hope and trust yourselves

you don't abuse to help, rule one! that's just abuse kiddo

i am a human

i am not negligible, although you try to make me that way dumbly

you got caught on a Samsung Videophone Bell (Not Jar, sicko failed women)

women can be misognyistic af, damn

stay away, seriously. it's not stalkers, it's brain-killers. 

yeah, as i said, no thanx

have fun, though, with whatever you're doing.

not good. but yeah, you aren't going to Heaven. no means no seriously, no weird maneuvers, not good at all