controllers of threats

When a police officer sees a written threat, he is obligated to arrest the culprit. Taylor is responsible, yes morally, too, for these offenses. She had the ability to stop them. When someone sees someone hurt, she is obligated to report the threat. She doesn't do that. She isn't allowed to encourage threats. She makes threats. Arrest her. Just like you arrest a woman who screamed at the top of her lungs, "I'm going to stop you, Taylor!" She needs to be stopped, legally, arrested at once. I contacted the Santa Clara Police Department and the FBI, and other agencies know, take away the glitz and shine, she is someone who laughs as people get hurt. They're not trolls, but thieves, domestic abusers, people wearing masks, and she was aware and had the ability to stop, but egged them on. Threats are underreported, because the threatening party is extremely aggressive. Enabling her, as has happened, enables the cycle of abuse to spin, spin, spin, and spin

people who lack self-respect and are violent are stalkers. you are a stalker. you aren't allowed to stalk me. remember the no contact order I initiated? please do! You are not supposed to contact me, because you are someone who is making things up, is currently in a psychotic state.

you are the company you keep around, you online troll. you are a violent person. you are not who you say you are. tricks and traps, manipulative behaviors, are indicative of darkness. 

I do not tolerate abusers, nor do I tolerate people who enable abuse, people who think they are intelligent, but are actually violent.

In times of crisis, when there is a tyrant, attacks are calculated, but in God's name, Satan's kingdom is going to be torn down. That includes any false deities, people as successful as tyrants past.

People who abuse others are not abuse-victims, ever; the people who you know, your crowds of abusers, are to know justice, calculatedly. I will not allow abusers. Nor will I allow people who abuse. You are to be punished. Anyone who attempts to persuade abusers to abuse, she is not legitimate, someone who will be punished, also.

Your abuses are not legal. You will be arrested. All criminals are.

A person calls for someone to beat up (Taylor Swift's autobiographical lyrics). He watches as she is beat up. As the person cries for help, she exacts revenge, asking others to beat the person up. Somehow, the person asks another for help; she is told pointblank to make the abusers stop. Rather than help the victim, the abuser completely ignores her. She becomes more and more violent, throwing the person around, knocking her unconscious. She loses herself, becoming someone else, through an inflicted brain injury, egged on and cheered on; this happened with the racists, the abusers, . In terms of her complete oral history, Ms. Alison, Swift, Taylor, she has made comments about being a victim that are unfounded, as those words were in self-defense, like cries for help. She has the largest white nationalist fanbase, still. She is a white nationalist, as she doesn't disavow them constantly, as people who abuse attract abusers. It really isn't questionable, there is nothing to prove.

Properly, the victim, not of "bullying," but of words saying "kill yourself right now," ad nauseam, and literal threats to burn buildings down, is believed. She isn't crying for help, but crying because she is injured, suffering neurological damages. She is tended to. She receives care. She isn't tossed around, further. She is believed, given the same respect as victims in other cases. As a citizen, she is obligated to report crimes. She encourages them, and this is clear; these are not lyrics, but movements. She has made efforts to help. There is one comment at a recent show about an ex-boyfriend, that made her a false hero, but that isn't anything. Her abuses are lengthy. This isn't a joke. She needs to be arrested right now. Police officers, it is your sworn duty to protect. I have nothing to do with this, but please see the paperwork that's being studied at the FBI. Local officials, mobilize. The death threats are not legal. None of them are. She gets away with it. Policing a fanbase isn't her job, it is yours, but she is not to get away with it. A criminal instigator, conspirator, she has been told literally to stop by many people, including me, she doesn't want to. She has the authority to, but don't be dizzied. As a responsible citizen, I am obligated to report any threat to property or life, just the same as anyone else can be punished. If I see someone screaming racial epithets, making strong celebrities not just trasnsiently depressed, but suicidal, and someone has the ability to stop, as is easy, and the actions are enabled by her, like a gun dealer who is giving instructions... These are countless, contact the FBI, local officials.