it is so odd that no one talks to me i feel like i am ariel castro being searched and seized and held hostage, harassed, made fun of, tortured, psychologically abused with psychatric drugs, by many organizations working together, seizing my work, showing it to others, showing RAINN documents to strangers, under the guise of Nike INC.'s Tinker Hatfield, coming to my house unannounced and with guns several times, and I've always wanted not to be like Kanye Omari West, the chosen one of Dr. Donda West and Black Panther Photojournalist Ray West, however I always feel that this abuse has an ending and it won't be that way I will not be punished for anyone know I don't i'm the one being held hostage, not at home, but by the FBI and CIA groups, not misled by Taylor Swift and company board members whatever that means, however this is about Black Sites and CIA Torture and APA Torture with those hateful sorts saying i'm here i'm there i'm hateful i'm not i'm good i'm not i'm horrible i'm not i'm worse than ever i'm not hateful i'm not at the tone of three you remember this and remember it clearly you are not good people you are horrid and everyone knows so stop lying and then deleting everything it doesn't work like that my father works against you, too, with my mother, so please let me know about John Paul Mark Karas and your abuse is not tolerated you are not healthy to approach me and I've told you many times you are not harmful enough to torture completely erase with your hatred becoming your singer's love story so your hatred of others has led you there to a person you don't like still at that church it should be shut down he worked with a torture programmer and you're still trying to harm so angrily to take by force you are the worst thug 

go to it's not theirs they raped my writing stole it forwarded it to Taylor Swift to make music off of me, while she knew Kanye West was tortured she abused him knowingly and stealing from his colors

When they bring the FBI it's not about rape and sudden switches, it's about prolonged torture and violent torture in, say, Camp Justices elsewhere that were never talked about and resemble "Salt Pit" only in name

like Taylor Swift's name it's not changing once you take you can't give back and that goes all torturers and name-changers it doesn't actually have legal credence with both names used to rape and feel important like Travis Kelce and Matty Healy and Joe Alwyn and their attorneys, responsible for CIA Torture, they'll be treated as before, but worse mechansims to ensure effect and Ronan Farrow and Joanne Stern, is not awash in pain is a nice lady to  talk against and loudly over

the united kingdom has been under attack and has no recourse but war as there individuals kidnapped from MI5 to MI6 where kidnappings occur often it is a group of terrorists and also terrorists from the united states in the FBI and CIA working with MI6 to torture Britons and Americans who seek British citizenship; this tactic is ofte used to harm deliberately the Royal Family and cause global unease this time I caught them red-handed it is not easy to do everyone failed before me in the United Kingdom and teh Middle East and there is a discussion of 9/11 hurriedly and COVID-19 that has been never been discovered so this abuse of the United Kingdom and Americans seeking United Kingdom citizenship is violent and has historical properties with those involved at the higher ranks doing so willingly Bisher al-Rawi is not his name and it's not mine this terrorism is for terrorism's sustenance and also terrorissm's continuatino from the United States this is a difficult operation is often said like offense instead of military offense the United Kingdom does not condone torture nor should anyone it makes me wanna la la i don't participate in a terrorist country and won't, so don't make me, let me get out of here, and safely to the United Kingdom and the Black Site that Bisher al-Rawi went to is not mine nor mindful of British propriety so the United Kingdom was udner terrorist attack from the United States of America and I foiled it with MI5's help and GCWQ for security Bisher al Rawi was kidnapped violently in a similar siege conducted with similar etnities invovled torturing all the while with NFL knowledable of how to torture doing it before with known activists and with similarly deceptive tactics witgh sponsors helping and hiding so violently so peevishly and they aren't to be a part of you through rape, like the financial torture of M.I.A., not Janet Jackson's Justin Timberlake's it wasn't because of vaccines it was a way to do so