this starts at uc irvine with edgar dormitorio who worked with anthony frisbee and the entirety of the police department, with shiva taghdis, condoned later by the entire university of california system and gaven newsom who chose to 

bring guns 

to attempt to kill me and others

the drug attempt to kill is active currently, through CVS and similar companies 

And both of my parents have been thoroughly brainwashed into thinking i'm completely schizophrenic

this attempt to murder and hold hostage has been more recent

evincing entire governmental involvement

it would be a crime to support any of these actors,

My grandfather was the first Egyptian to teach English Literature in United Kingdom, so this is considered an offense against the United Kingdom,

who has complete ownership and victimization currently, and did not start an offense, but is only defensive

collaboratively with the FBI and the CIA, to torture not for leaking, I didn't do anything illegal and am not a terrorist, so this is not even about a bad accusation

this is in the hands of the United Kingdom and I ask only for UK's contact (too late)

their numbers may have been cut off to any number i have access to and similar things might happen there elements of torture being involved is a broad overview, only UK involvement is sought (un affiliate) i've been to japan, mt. fuji is friendly to me

i hazard to say that any country within the un (nk discussion before) is partly responsible so it would behoove to adhere to un rules on torture

is it a point of contact thing, as these lines have been exposed by me (not recent)

if u do contact as i've fully exposed them it'll not dale u back up as described

so come here mister bond pretty please

it's currently affecting many making others unok

biblically, jesus didn't go through those kind of persecutions, and he came back too

so it's a new devil classified

 i want to get planetary, or solar system sun system?

the country is at risk of being held hostage, similarly and losing all connection externally (if not already)

internet could be manipulated elsewhere, telephonically similarly

beware of spoofing in interactions you too

it's more than obvious the news broadcast here in America is being spoofed, affecting extra-nationally

the United States Government seems hijacked by Ron DeSantis and Gaven Newsom and Taylor Swift and similarly mentioned

we've the discussion of Innocence ad nauseum, to be added to Innnocently, and of even The Only Exception

there is ((potential)) murder involved of key political figure(s)s

involving popular figures and their supporters

sites featuring terrorists particularly persecuting, and satanic temple in the united states, it does not function as a philosophical inquiry into atheism as happens always, by law, in the United Kingdom, and any attempt by Marilyn Mansons/Swifts there have been noted, historically, and for the doing so in America actively and currently

it's a framework made by Elon Musk, and my use of Twitter in the past was an exploration (into creativity) not an agreement with terrorists abled on that network by an abuse staff, that may have been similarly compromised, but probably badly chosen and enabled, by say Taylor Swift and her staff (on Twitter, perhaps! including similarly expressed ideas above)

i guess trying to stop any helper from helping, should be mentioned, as has happened through technological abuse and emotional abuse through intentionally spread hurtful words, like to Mr. Ye (filtering out infiltrators, literally and literarily are different terms, as is intentionality....)

forceful action is recommended against trolls of course just to correct these abusers meanwhile

it's not just fbi la, as fbi government has control over it, historically -mi6's mina <333

this is considered privilege work for the uk government, or is that what you want to make me say, scary, utterly so is michael a good 4 years her junior, nor is  walking to someone's whim 

Spiritual Unity, as needlessly reiterated

to clarify, unnecessarily tambien, this is the work of a terrorist organization that is preventing health worldwide, meaning a unified effort, that I had to thwart, as it's God's World